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  1. A couple of times recently my work had me going to Pearl, MS which is right next door to Jackson and the home of the inimitable Mr RGone. So I decided to rattle the old man's cage and gave him a ring and see what he was up to. We met and had dinner the evening I got to town, then he invited me over to his place the next day to see all the toys and goodies he gets to play with. Man oh man was I one envious peckerhead! hehehehehe That was back in late march, then just last week I was down that way again, and had the pleasure of spending some more time with the wise southern gentleman..... hehe...the truth be, youse guys, is that he is just like he is here at the forums, A little MS redsnake, a little long winded just like he is in his posts, a bit of an ornery devil and a prankster, but always sincere and as you all know, is extremely knowledable about these 'puter toys we all play with. What a Hoot! It was just a blast to sit down and shoot the . with someone who has the same avid interest in these DFI boxes that I do.(an ulikely pair of old farts, at that) Anyway to the point.... I think it would be great fun for a bunch of us kooks to get together sometime.... If work and finances permit...... I be there! Oldfaht PS Hey Carl I may be passing through Chitown next month..... watch yo back! hehehehehehehe
  2. Look Here: http://www.afterdawn.com/software/audio_software/ Or: http://www.cdfreaks.com/software Two of the best sites for this kind of stuff IMHO The forums on both are very good too.
  3. 13% scored higher (more nerdy), and 87% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: High-Level Nerd. You are definitely MIT material, apply now!!!. If my golf partners only knew........ Although I should penalized for wasting so much time on the golf course and not in front of my monitor(s).......hehe
  4. This thread and just plain ole curiosity finally got the best of me. That and for a future, soon to be implemented bussiness venture, I am going to have to set up http, ftp, and mail servers, and we sure as hale cant afford what's on Uncle Bill's menu. So I'm off on the quest to find the linux way. It all seems so simple and much more logical, but I think our minds get boged down with having having done things the M$ way for so long. Whatever, I have been learning html, and working on a bud's mac dual G-5, so running on Ubuntu just feels so much more comfortable to me now, hehe I just don't log on to windows much since I installed linux. I guess I just like beating my head against a brick wall... LOL I do really like the prospect of NOT having to pay Uncle Bill to be able to run my rigs in the future. Ready for the "average joe's" desktop? Maybe not quite yet, but from what I'm seeing in Ubuntu, it's getting damn close, the way they are implementing/automating updates, instalation of programs, etc. works well, I think as the user base gets larger, more native drivers will be provided by the hardware manufacturers. It just can't get anything but better and better. As for your average tweaker, jes, anybody who does the research and due dilligence....can get along fine. On top of it all: I find the community support, Ubuntu, and all around the Linux World, to be outstanding. Reminds me of a place I call Home (DFI-Street) Good people trying to help others to get it on! Ahhhhh enough of my BS Hey AG you having any luck yet?
  5. AG: Warty Warthog Hoary Hedgehog Breezy Badger Dapper Drake....... Next release in six months. I think the Afrikaners got a sense of humor we don't understand.... hehe Been running Hoary for a couple of weeks now and just installed Breezy on a spare partition just last night..... Love the challenge of learning something new, but a bit of a learning curve for an old point and click windows guy..... quite honestly though I am quite impressed with the OS overall, although as a friend said tonight "just a little quirky" LOL, To say the least! Been spending hours on end on the Ubuntu forums digging out the info I need to optimize the instalation. AG glad to see someone else getting their brain kicked in by this linux sheet ....j/k I think Breezy is going to be awesome once it goes final, and all the tweaks, scripts, and "How To's" get updated by the regulars! Have fun buddy!
  6. Yep! Along with life geting very insane and busy. Not complaining....just truth! LOL
  7. What needs 'splaining.......LOL Actually it was an attempt on my part to elicit some sympathetic and gentle answers to my nOOb and ignorant questions back when I was a rookie and building my first rig. Worked for the most part too, You wippersnappers can be sooooo cruel at times. :nod:
  8. Try this.....has worked well for me... http://www.majorgeeks.com/download3214.html
  9. LOL! No, actually it was a cd I pick up second hand..... Beatles Abbey Road....... Talk about your "OLD SCHOOL"!!!!! Been tooling around in the "Wayback Machine" lately... Greatful Dead, Billy Jole, Steely Dan, 60's, 70's, 80's Rock n Roll still gets me smileing and tappin' my toes LOL Still haven't figured out WHY things changed in the bios but all is well now..... Later
  10. OUCH! That's cold, but very possibly true....LOL Guess the bios should've been the first place to look, but didn't ocurr to me 'till later. Still, honest to....... I don't recall having any reason to have disabled it myself! Guess it's just one of those random Personal Confuser Problems OF
  11. MY Beta Breath Bruthren. How the hale did my onboard sound get disabled on my LPB rig......When I haven't been into the bios in months? Went to play a CD last night and WTF? The media player(s) wouldn't recognize either of my CD-ROMS. Hadn't played anything on this rig in a while and had the vol. turned way down as I don't like Winders beeping at me all the time, so I went to up the vol. and Huh? no NvMixer??? went into device mgr. and No nothing there for the Nv Codecs......So begins about 3 hours of trouble shooting drivers, software, etc. I was about to conclude the SoundStorm chip was dorked and was contemplating disassembly and RMA....... Then It hit me....why don't you go into the bios and have a look see......Lo and Behold I found the audio unit disabled.......Dang ......But like I said I ain't been in the bios in I can't remember when........ So! What the hale happened? :confused: Oldfaht
  12. Check the task bar notification area and see if you already have it running in the background. I haven't run hardware doctor in like forever but seem to remember that happening when I tried to have more than one instance of the program running. Just a shot in the dark.......... (P.S. What are the Bronco's lookin' like this year......lived in Colo. Spgs. for 25 years)
  13. Shin....... Thunda is correct about the WDM drivers, I had the unknown device issue when I installed my 9600XT from Asus, they have a WDM driver on their download site. I have always had "better" luck with the asus drivers with this card for some reasom but they are always behind the curve in being up to date w/ Catalyist....their Smart Doctor proggie is prety good but seems prety conservative with OC options, ATI Tool works well tho....... GL
  14. AG, You send that overnight? I think I'm gonna need it first thing in the AM! Only the third round of the year, and I'm feeling it. Roadie, thanks for the invite, and if I ever get down that way I will be sure to look you up. The Missippi Coast is always an option for the winter golf trip, now I've got inventive. Ah yes, walking around in the middle of nature beating about a little white ball with a stick.........what a hoot! I love it I do appreciate the well wishes :nod: All and all a geat day.....spent with friends doing something I love to do, being a bachelor, that's about as lucky as I'm gonna get.....hehe Later
  15. Holy Crap, Not another one...... :eek2: LOL In reality I don't dread the passing of the years as I used too. I came from the generation that said, "Never trust anyone over thirty" Hell, I never thought I would live to be thirty.........I was like, MY LIFE IS OVER!, turns out 30-40 was probably the most fun I ever had, hehe, blind drunk and drug crazed :shake: 40-50 was like my "Know it all" phase... King of the Roost as it were :cool: 50+ Now I know what a dumb . I really am LOL, and as I mature I realize. although I know more than ever, How little I do know and how much more there is to learn. Trying to cultivate the "Smell the Roses" attitude......enjoy the experience! Hence, I going to go play golf today with three of my best friends, at one of my all time favorite courses......Gonna be 70+ deg. here today, mother nature is wakeing up, the greens are getting smooth and fast, LIFE IS GOOD! If you are a golfer and are ever in the Indianapolis area do yourself a favor, and play The Fort (#1 rated public course in Indiana-'05) a true pleasure! Thanks Again for the B'day greeting! Oldfaht
  16. 3 Dolla......hehe that's what it will cost ya for a beer these days. Back when I was younger, and dummer I could go out and get hammered on 5 Dolla. Good Thing I gave up drinking, lest I be even poorer, what with having golf and computer habbits to pay for and dang what with the price of gas these days.... It's gonna be 3 Dolla for a gallon of gas here real soon.. :eek: Really just seeing if I could get a rise out of AG
  17. You'se got nuttin' Ta worry about.......... What with those big bucks AG is knockin' down with DFI..... :nod: Just set us up with the best, and put it on his tab..... :shake: hehehehe!
  18. :eek: Perfectly normal with these boards, but if there are issues, rest assured, these mutha's will let you know :nod:
  19. Yeah buddy, It's probably a printing cost issue for the full manual, but in the "cliff notes" it should reference the full manual online, maybe it does I haven't looked in a while. I am in the habit of going to the manufacturers websites and researching the manuals etc. just to make sure I have ALL information available. Quite often before I buy! Important thing about dual channel is having sticks of equal size and configuration on separate channels, there are variations on the theme for more than two sticks, in your case, either slots 1-3, or 2-3 for dual.......now if you want to get confused DL cpu-z and it will show slot 3 (manual) as slot 1 hehehe nevermind.......believe the manual.
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