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Eurocase 200W PSU

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Eurocase 200W ATX PSU is kinda old PSU, so it almost sound's like wasting good caps to recap it, but if one like to play with old hardware sometimes, one is gotta make sure the PSU full of bad caps did not fry the oldie hardware, right?

And since HEC caps and the JEE caps on the imput are clearly marked as bad caps, I want to exchange them.




Another reason is, that the old PSU seems to be more seriously build that the new ones. I mean - 200 or 250W PSU and 2x 680uF imput caps? Just few years forward and look - 400W Eurocase PSU feature only 2x 560uF imput caps!

So I picked the appropriate quality Samxon caps and started recapping:




To complete the work, one need these:


Eurocase 200W ATX PSU


2x 680uF 200V d22.5 (680uF 200V EP)

1x 2200uF 10V d10 (3300uF 6.3V GD)

2x 1000uF 16V d10 (2200uF 16V GD)

1x 1000uF 10V d10 (2200uF 6.3V GC)

4x 470uF 16V d8 (470uF 16V GC)

1x 47uF 50V (47uF 35V RS - enough voltage)

1x 22uF 50V (22uF 35V RS - enough voltage, max spike 27V on cap)

2x 10uF 50V (10uF 50V RS)

1x 1uF 50V (10uF 50V RS)




And solder them there ;)




And now, on the imput, is nice shiny new Samxon EP 680uF 200V caps B:)




PSU seems to work just right. When I finally exchanged the imput caps, it stoped somewhat loudly "clicking" each time the AC 230V power was connected to the PSU. I feared that it might be some physical deformations inside of these JEE caps, and perhaps I was even right...


The next thing these JEE crap caps see will probably be connection to direct 400V AC feed :angry:

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hardnrg - yea, that lot's of room is good for recapping. It is kinda easy then. Recapping a Zalman 400W PSU will be, on the other hand, terribly hard experience :rolleyes:

And yes, 200 or 250W PSU is pretty useless now, but for testing purposes of old boards, like the Abit BX133 - it fit perfectly ;)


fire_storm - thanks!


kingdingeling - any old machine that need to run ;) Like the old Pentium boards that has the ATX already, lol :P Like I mention already, I was trying to figure out what went wrong in the Abit BX133 mobo ;) So I better make sure my recapping of the mobo is not getting owned by bad caps in the PSU :D


suchuwato - sure thing. These old boards has no more that sentimental value ;) But sometimes it is fun to play with them, so, why not? :)

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