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  1. wevsspot - now I must believe that the HP LaserJet P1102 will be as good, as the old HP 1012 one I got stolen... The printing drum on OkiPage 14ex give up completely and the price of new one is 1/3 higher that the HP LaserJet P1102... So, fingers crossed! I managed to get drivers for HP PSC 1315 v3. http://ulozto.cz/xJkdZJqP/hp-psc-1315-drivers-cd-v3-0-0-0-76-zip ...but once again, absolutely no change in behaviour. Not working at all. The idea to get the original HP cartridges is probably the best one. Looking there: http://www.tisknulevne.cz/naplne-do-tiskaren/hp/01-multifunkcni-zarizeni/inkoustove/psc/serie-psc-1xxx/serie-psc-13xx/psc-1315/ ...I come to conclusion that I need (at best firmware downgrade to make the old cartridges work, but that is probably not getting to happen... dunno why) cartridges C8727AE (10ml black) and C8728AE (8ml color), or C6658AE (17ml photo) - C6656AE (19ml black) and C6657AE (17ml color) or C6656GE (4,5ml black) and C6657GE (4,5ml color)... And now one my good friend give me HP PSC 1510 for a try. W/o the powersource. Luckily, the powersource is identical from HP PSC 1315 and I make it work. And - despite my high doubts about it - HP PSC 1510 is scanning fine even with the cartridges completely removed! Hoooray! Now I have a working scanner, ufff! HP PSC 1315 - never more, ever.
  2. The HoOLS custom mp_train.pk3 map was provided by one kind guy on their forum. Then next need map was italy_night.pk3 (standard map), then map italy5.pk3 (also standard one) and last was gt_ass.pk3 map and that it is! Now it works and I can join with the Autodownloads ON on the HoOLS server! Hoooray! There are the missing maps mentioned above from the big pack HoOLS provided ( https://mega.co.nz/#!MFgnzD4Z!HemxHSGCX7HoEM7FbaDaJH-xUV9Y8zIW8aJjJFGK6t0 ) all in one zip file, including the Pwn[bOT] (complete even with the exclusive No.pk3 file): missing-custom-maps-hools-server.zip | Ulo missing-custom-maps-hools-server.zip | FastShare.cz ...and there are some fun, that if going on there: Some SoF2 ownage moments shop2 map - YouTube
  3. File provided by one good user on HoOLS forum: No.pk3 file (+ trainmarketV2.1.pk3) No.pk3.zip | Ulozto.cz File accepted! However it immediatelly ask for yet another file. This time it is "trainmarketV2.1.pk3" map, but this can be easily found using Google there: SoF2 Server maps download Next file required is "mp_train.pk3", can be downloaded there: http://soldieroffortune2.filefront.com/file/Counterstrike_Train_The_Trainyard;38449 ...but I already have it in my SoF2 base dir, version 1.0 with size 3 606 317 and this is NOT it. There is probably some new version (or different version) and that is what I need now... So, do anyone have different version of the mp_train.pk3 file that is not of size 3 606 317 bytes? Pls?
  4. "Honest error"? These people are very naive at best... Surely they did this on purpose. And it even scanned before, but the firmware get updated w/o my consent and then stoped scanning anymore! This is just over the top from my point of view. To tie up scanning with cartriges, this is just outright theft! If anyone come up with HW, the require miltimegabit sized drivers, one should prefer another hardware, because in such huge drivers, there is the possibility that w/o your consent, the firmware will be "upgraded" to limit usability of your HW. Now that is something I find very dangerous. It just make my head spin to see, that HP doing this, is still in bussiness. It should be boycotted for that!
  5. For reasons beyond my understanding the autodownload is disabled on many servers, yet admins of those tendt to require certain files that are impossible to find. At least I failed MISARABLY when I looked to obtain the necessary No.pk3 file to play on server HoOLS Extreme - SoF2 Pwn[bOT]No.pk3 Anyone have it or know where to obtain it? Or know server with autodownloads ON, witch have the file...? Thanks for any help! Also makers of the Pwn[bOT] are no more online: http://www.xteam.co.nz ...their page was taken up by spam or whatever... So again no luck and installing the pwnbot_v133 doest not yield the required file Rocmod SouNdPaCk.pk3 file? To be able to play on some servers (for example on - EWC*ELITE ROC server), the "SouNdPaCk.pk3" file to be placed in the Rocmod directory seems to be required: EWC ELITE ROC SouNdPaCk.pk3 But where to get this damn file? I looked a lot out for this one, ended up downloading one that is 14 067 097 bytes big, but no luck. This is not it. ( http://www.sendspace.com/file/sse0m4 - http://ulozto.cz/xm2UrJSA/soundpack-pk3 ) Anyone could suggest where to get this file? Roc mod samples warnings ROC mod using many samples. Some of them cause this warnings to be to drawn on screen: Anyone know, how to disable these warnings about samples used in Roc mod? Roc mod samples warnings Is there are any way how to disable this annoing information being shown up or not?
  6. I got this multifunction device Hp PSC 1315 from friend, because he says that it suddently stop printing, yet it scan well - for this only thing. Scanning. It is a compact thing: http://http://content.hwigroup.net/images/products/xl/000634/hp_psc_1315.jpg ...with the lift off top for the scanning: http://http://www.superwarehouse.com/images/products/hp_psc_1315.jpg This is the interface: HP PSC 1315 interface ...yet on mine is in the number of Copies (as shown "1") are shown "E" and the red LED diode on the "Check printer cartridge" is flicking. No real reactions on the buttons anyway. Except more flicking LEDs, lol. Using the latest v4.2.1 drivers from there: http://http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?os=181&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&sw_lang=&product=374568#N216 In Photoshopu with the "Import / hp psc 1310 series TWAIN..." it shown this window: HP PSC 1315 scan ...it witch nothing works. That is on Windows 2000 SP4 with the HP "Win2k " drivers v4.2.1 witch obviously did not work on W2k. Windowns of course claim that all is OKAY: HP PSC 1315 test passed ...and there was not a problem with the install. Using the WIA interface it tell me, that the scanner is busy, probably by "other application": On Windows XP SP 1.0a it looks much better: ...yet still refusing to scan anythng. But once I did managed to make it scan. (IIRC I opened the door for the cartridges, close it and use the WIA preview for scan...?) But on reboot/shotdown it stoped scanning again and never do it. Yet I have few scans I did with it as a proof: http://http://jirilitschka.wz.cz/g.php?p=vtipy&d=1&v=v2 So I'm getting pretty angry with this thing and I tried Win XP SP3 - yet no change. Then I managed to find a czech version of the install CD drivers v4.2.0 - yet this is very slightly older, I tried it on clean Win XP SP1.0a again. And again nothing All is OK, yet the printer still complaining about rhe cartridges and refuse to scan, when I already scanned so well!!! :mad: This is crazy. Obviously HP PSC 1315 not working with a Active Jet AH-657N and AH-656N cartridges, however it did scan for my friend and it even show that me - but just a show. What can I do to make it scan? I absultely did not want to print with such problematic thing, the whole section can be ripped off. But what to do to make it scan? Or is there a firmware downgrade possible to even make it back working with the cartridges?! Anyone have, preferably the smaller web drivers, any older version of the drivers that the v4.2.0 ...? ( http://http://ulozto.cz/xtYWQEPD/hp-psc-1315-driver-v4-2-0-cz-rar )
  7. I would like to ask if anyone know, from where originate the latency setting, that after installing Windows use/set for certain devices. For example a latency setting for PCI NIC card. If I know where they originate, I can hope I can change them to something reasonable w/o using another program (and I just like to know what is this about...) Also I'm dying to know, from where the Windows/mainboard get the idea to use IRQ 7 for all the intensive tasks like GFX, SFX and NIC: WTF?! And how I can change / edit that. I keep the "Allocate IRQ for USB" enabled in BIOS, but also USB are on IRQ 7... And I did not see used IRQ numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 11. I know that IRQ 2 are for some "cascade interrupt for IRQ 8-15" (whatever that menas) and IRQ 3 and 4 are mostly for COM 2 and COM 1 respectively, but I did not use either, so I can find a better usage for these IRQs. But most importantly, the IRQ 5 is typically used by soundcard and I would like it to be used JUST for that! So, how?! IRQ 7 is typically for parallel port, but when disabled it seems that all the hardware end up there... Yet it still leave the IRQ 10 and 11 free to be used by GFX card and NIC card respectively, witch will leave on IRQ 7 the USB controller. ( http://www.webopedia.com/quick_ref/IRQnumbers.asp ) Now all that sounds good, but how I can re-arrange these IRQs? (Windows 2000 SP4, JetWay V266B, AXP 150x12.5, 1024MB 2-2-2-5 ram, Realtek RTL8183(A) PCI NIC card, AGP GF2MX400 graphic card)
  8. An old Pentium 90 CPU (P54C) has internal multiplier x1.5 - so it make from the 60MHz FSB the 90MHz clock. I do wonder, however, if that multiplier can be set to x1 Usually people want to overclock, however I would like to try underclocking and the x1.5 multiplier suxx. If I understand good the multiplier settings, for example for the Asus TXP4-X Socket 7 board: http://rapidshare.com/files/202992710/Asus_TXP4-X.pdf ( http://capsmod.net/forum/viewthread.php?tid=342 ) Then setting BF0, BF1 to 1-2, 1-2 (manual, page 17) let the CPU internal multiplier be used, so, if I can modify the multiplier somehow (burning internal path? connecting two pins?), then I got the underclocker dream machine. Anyone know if that is possible or know someone who might know? Another possibility is the Pentium Overdrive, but dunno where to obtain one and if it ever run at x1 multi. Any other ideas, beside rare 5V Pentium 60/66 witch use Socket 4 and hence are not very usufull as the nice underclocker board has Socket 7 (5) ... Another idea pop into mind and that is the Mobile Pentium or Mobile Pentium MMX chips for laptops, but I have no idea either where to get one of these, besides I have no idea if they can run with the x1 multi... Anyone got some clues there?
  9. I looked on the net for a dx7z.dll and found one. The original from NFS PU is 155 648 bytes long, this one is 110 592 bytes long. Game works as before, no improve. It would be interesting to measure FPS difference, if any, but that it is. No fix. nVidia 5600XP Detonators 45.28 8x AF: nVidia 5600XP Detonators 45.28 4x AA: ...sadly, 4x AA in 1280x1024 32bit is on 5600XT not a solution for speed reasons - and I hate blurry AA anyway. I want sharp, straight edges
  10. IVIYTH0S - I think it is just a DirectX bug in the drivers. nVidia did not let me disable alternate pixel center, so I'm stuck with trashed fonts. On Intel 945GM integrated chipset are the same letters just beautifull: ... Thewacokid - yep, find this one too. But where to grab the rendering dx7z.dll to try it, I don't know. The game is abandoned, EA ditched it in 2003 - what a shame... <_<
  11. On nVidia graphic cards, there is a VERY strong font corruption in EA game NFS Porsche Unleashed, even the latest v3.5: Same problems with NFS Porsche Unleashed experienced a ATI users, however ATI quickly added DirectX settings to counter this problem: If you in Direct X compatibility settings _DISABLE_ the Alternate pixel center, the corruption goes away like a miracle on ATI cards. Now the question is - how to change this for nVidia drivers, so nVidia users can enjoy nice graphic once again in NFS PU? PS. one user suggested that "That and changing dx7a file with one from nfs:MCO, fixed up tha problems." http://www.motherboardpoint.com/showthread...2769#post322769 First at all, what is meant by the NFS:MCO (so I know where to get dx7a.dll to try) and second - will it fix this display corruption on nVidia card? I already saw a patch to the dx7a.dll in order to let it show only 32bit resolutions, so users can choose higher resolutions before they run out of the list, but that it is. The patch is there: http://www.nfstuning.com/forum/showthread.php?t=722
  12. At first I made the mistake using Partition Magic v8.00 to setup a drive (2G FAT32 for OS, 184G NTFS for data). PM v8.00 is faulty and screw up the drive, mainly the NTFS partition. Usually the results are not as dramatic as I experience (mostly only windows is slow in powering off), however on VIA chipset, as this old machine use, it is hell. New files are corrupted and gone missing after reboot, etc. Bad. (results of using PM 8.00 on VIA chipsets from Symatec page are not exaggerated at all) In PM v8.02 or v8.05 it should be fixed, however even the v8.02 is not going to allow me to fix ANY error. It finding twice Error 1611 bad system file name ...and about hundred times... Error 1527 bad update sequence number ...and button FIX is still grayed out. So I tried a workaround - used the recommended Acronis Partition Expert v8 and I downsized the D drive a bit and then get it back to former status and quess what - most of the errors and problems are gone now! No more bit table troubles with MFT, but the new file corruption and files gone missing behaviour sadly continue... So the first thing one do is to run chkdsk, right? So I run it with parameters /x /f and it always says "Fixing error in index $I30 file 5. Checking of index finished." - that it should be translated to english... However when I run it imediatelly again, it report the very same thing! So the error is NOT fixed. So I get the idea that I just find the file no. 5 using MFT table and kill it. Using DiskEdit utility (from Win2k SP4 CD by M$ itself, grab it there: http://rapidshare.com/files/189278835/DiskEdit.zip ) I opened the NTFS D drive and - sadly instead of the path and file I saw only couple of empty boxes... I can check other files fine, so, what now? It is a system file or hidden something then...? I tried threat that as it is a deleted file fragment or something like that. I tried the Recuva utility from Sysinternals, because it can safely erase the deleted files, based on the MFT infos... If you did not know, well, then MFT store and keep information about every files you ever had on your HDD, so... (MFT on my drive have 57MB currently) Recuva found like 16k of deleted files, so I check them all and say - delete them right away! But things went wrong, as some of the files are "resident" in the MFT table, so, they are not deleted. Also Recuva cannot delete the infos MFT keep about files long time gone from HDD. So I tried the recovering utility Restoration v3.2.13, because it know not only erase files, but also erase the infos about them in MFT! Then in Recuva you see only 16k of empty lost file infos, hehe. But that did not help me either. Then I tried Winhex v15.1, witch offer fantastic things, and among others - erasing the unnecessary MFT infos. However it again only erase the missing files infos, not remove them from MFT - it probably did not know how to rebuild the MFT then... So, no improve in the chkdsk error and HDD behaviour done... Hence - anyone have any ideas how to fix this index problem? Chkdsk /x /d /r D: run way too long and at the end, no change at all. Also I tried chkdsk from the Windows repair console, however no difference. It says that he find something, but then again - it did not fix it. And only report that find and fixed errors the first time I run it. Each next run it make there pauses (hence 3 errors, I presume) but not report them anymore! Much less to fix them... So when I get back in win, it way agaion like that: Program CHKDSK ověřuje soubory (f
  13. I need sound driver, working, for HP Vectra VL 6, series 8 machine anjd Windows 2000. My friend want it for his little daughter, however she insist on the sound working. Things work rather well in Win98se, but Win98se is not working well anyway. Useless system, so to be able to run more recent/decent programs, a Win 2000 has to be used. SP4. Luckily they detect everything right away, including onboard Matrox graphic card and NIC. Unlike the Win98se the USB ports can be used now, etc. Everything works, except for the damn sound. HP on their site looks like to offer drivers for much OS types, however when you check these links more closely, well... usually only diagnostic utilities are offered for Win2k or XP systems: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechS...ng=en&cc=us Or for O/S2 Warp - there is a sound driver for it! (sound driver is available too for Win3.11, Win95, WinNT3.51, WinNT4.0 and strangely NOT for Win98...!) But since it worked with Win98se, then I hope that there are some different drivers somewhere that WILL work with the sound too, under Win2k. Anyone got a experience with this machine? Any help, please? I know it is a lousy PII 350Mhz thing, but... it works Except for movie playback. The onboard graphic (or it is just a driver limitation?!) did not have PIP, and much less a YUV one, so all has to be converted by CPU and it did not make it... I wonder if a Matrox driver could fix that... Anyway, there are some pins descriptions from manual, eg. how to reset bios password for the HP Vectra VL 6, series 8:
  14. I.Q. cap on Asus TXP4-X (Socket 7 - Pentium 1) mainboard
  15. Exactly my thinking... <_< Holly ****, guys! Seen this?! http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/Atom-A...ent,1997-2.html Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H owns ESC 945GCT-D with Atom CPU badly! It has lower power requirments, lower heat and can run fanless easily - while Atom Intel 945GC chipset is a problem - TDP 22.2W is no easy stuff to cool just pasively... AMD 780G absolutely OWN the Intel with TDP just 0.95W while it offer overhelmingly much features :thumbup: Even the AMD 64 2000+ at 0.9Vcore generate TDP 8W, it seems to be MUCH more cool just passively on load that the Atom with TDP 4W - or so Intel claim. On load AMD 64 2000+ get at 55
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