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muskin PSU help

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so i got my mushkin 580watt psu today and i plug it in but nothing happens. the only thing that comes on is the railfusion light and the MB light for the ram. i checked all the cords 12v's, video card, etc even the powerswitch connector, so i put back in my exmerax and it works fine no problem.


am i missing somthing? its getting power, as i can see with the rainfusion light and the MB is getting power as i can see the light go turn when i press the power but nothing else happens...


its so odd


maybe i should disconnect the grounding to the MB?



it looks like a dead psu i guess b/c i dissonnected everything expect the 24/20pin and the 12v and still no go.


any ideas. is there somthing muskin does to make there psu work like must be on for an hour before powerup?




i fixed the oddest problem ever. if you dont do all the modules in order it wont boot. i just dont understand. b/c i tested it without anything but the 20 and the 12v plugged in and it wouldnt boot. i plug everthing back in but top down and it works.

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