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Low voltage shutdown?

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Approximately how low could voltage go on a household current before a machine decides to turn itself off (go dead).


A client of mine is having random turn-off issues and I cannot find any hardware or software reason of this. Their entire house is on two 20A breakers and I'm wondering if this is the issue.


The machine is blown out and is fairly new so dust/heat isn't the problem. PSU rails look good along with multi-meter readings.



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Is the machine the only thing in the house turning off? If it is, then it probably isn't the household wiring causing issues. You would notice lights dimming or other components like tvs, microwaves, etc turning off along with the computer.


Also, if you were lacking enough voltage/current at the machine to cause it to power off, you'd be over-drawing the house circuit and throwing the 20A breakers. If the breakers aren't kicking, I'd say it just about has to be a probably with the computer itself.

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