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  1. I don't have any experience trying to swap the OS drive (which is also used for data storage), but the pure data drives are hot swappable. To change the OS drive, I think you would need to power down, replace the drive, then start the re-image process over your local network. My Acer came with a CD you put in another local computer, then you press a hold a combination of buttons are the server to get it into a mode for a reinstall over the network. Not difficult, but I don't know what would happen to any data stored on other drives.
  2. I've got an Acer Easystore...I currently have it set up as my media server/backup server. I only have one other machine (a laptop) that I use to access it. The Easystore was basically ready to run out of the box. It's been quite a while since I set it up, but I don't remember needing to do any special "settings." I've got mapped network drives on my laptop if I just want to browse files on the server. WMP on my laptop knows my media library is on the server. I also have the "Media Library Sharing" turned on, so other devices like an Xbox could play music or movies. I think that is the DLNA feature. My U-Verse DVR can show photos or play music from it with this turned on (no video unfortunately, stupid AT&T). Pretty straightforward operation in general; I don't do anything too fancy with it. The WHS software runs daily backups on my laptop to the server. Pretty much makes the laptop useless while it is doing it though. I can't comment on how well your Apple products would play with WHS, as I have none. My Droid has no problems with it though. It's fairly speedy when downloading files, it'll stream HD movies no problem; but again, I'm only using one machine to do so. If you're putting larger files ON to the server though, it can be pretty slow. It's faster than most Network Attached Storage devices, but it's no corporate server. The one thing that really bugs me about it though, is that is no way to plug in an external monitor. Due to this, installing a software firewall is a real pain, because you have to use remote desktop and if you don't get it set up properly, well, you get the picture. It seems like it would be fairly easy to set it up for remote access outside your home network. I haven't really looked into doing it myself. I should one of these days... Overall, I really like it. Hopefully this will help you some, I've just kinda been rambling. The Acer and HP are probably going to be pretty similar in operation since they both have WHS. The main differences are the hardware specs.
  3. Current events fail + spoon feeding irony = win Seriously. Google. -- Greece. Iceland. France. Ireland. Germany. Debt Crisis. Rioting. Retirement Age. Pension. All the entitlement programs are currently biting Europe in the butt.
  4. Welcome to the year 2000 guys! Those three midi's have been included since Windows ME/2000.
  5. It saddens me far more that so many people don't seem to understand satire than it would if this guy were for real.
  6. Ok...I just reread that and I guess we're in agreement? The last part of your post is worded a bit ambiguously and I suppose I read it differently from what you intended...
  7. Kash I think it's a bit disingenuous to suggest that "illegals pay taxes" as though it is the norm simply because a couple illegals did an interview for msnbc and there is money being paid to the Feds for which the source is unaccounted. You provided sources that say SOME illegals pay taxes. That fact in no way proves or disproves that illegals may or may not be a drain on the US. To draw a definitive conclusion from those articles is sketchy at best. A simple google search will show that illegals from Mexico send upwards of $15 billion back to Mexico each year. Simple math indicates to me that we are now at a net loss of at least $6 billion and that is before accounting for any of the services such as schools and medical services that illegals receive. And whether illegals are a plus or minus to the economy as a whole is irrelevant to the incredibly simple fact that they are breaking this country's laws. I've got no problem with them coming here and living and working. I'd just prefer that mechanisms we have in place for immigration are followed.
  8. Hmm...so some of them pay taxes, but the amount collected comes out to a whole, wait for it, $600 dollars each. And that is assuming that ALL of the $9 billion collected that can't be directly matched to a taxpayer can be attributed to illegals. A good portion of that can probably be put down to people filling out paperwork incorrectly. I don't know about you, but I pay a whole hell of a lot more that $600 to the Feds each year. Not to mention that for an "undocumented worker" to pay taxes, they'd have to use someone else's social security number (read: identity theft) in order to pay into programs such as FICA. And I think that's a crime. Wait, no, it definitely is. But hey, we've got 600 dollars off 'em, so we'll let that one go. As to the topic, it's a stupid idea. They just need to come down with a heavy hand on those who employ illegals, much like Oklahoma did. Make it painful to employ illegals, and jobs dry up. Problem solved.
  9. Many video cards these days have at least two outputs. Just find one that has the right combination of outputs for your needs (i.e. DVI/DVI, DVI/VGA, DVI/HDMI). You'll have a dual monitor setup - but one of the monitors is a TV. Then you'll be able to choose a couple configurations, either cloning the desktop onto both, or expanding the desktop across them. All you'll have to do is switch the TV input.
  10. You said the TV is 1080i. Therefore, the proper resolution from the computer would be 1920x1080. You'll want to use the component (RGB) in order to get this resolution, as S-video or composite only support standard definition resolutions.
  11. http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-03-2...w-update1-.html So...this "healthcare" bill will force Deere to either cut health benefits (ironic I know), or raise machinery costs. Increased machinery costs will make every thing from construction to food more expensive. But hey, at least the people who can no longer feed their families have healthcare right? Is starving a medical condition? Fortunately for the would-be starving people, it looks like Deere will cut benefits.
  12. "It takes a long time to...put the legislation together to control the people. And the Republicans have spent a long time not participating..." -Representative John Dingell (D-MI)
  13. The people making $10 million a year aren't being taxed at a measly 10%. Try 40%. And do you really think people making that much just let it sit in bank accounts or have big piles in their living room? No, they invest that money. And those investments do things like start new businesses or expand a small business. Or take a regional product national. You know, create jobs, which could provide health benefits. So every time that "rich person's" income is reduced by taxes(funds which are likely squandered), he or she then has less available capital to invest. And our economy stagnates a little more.
  14. /semi-off-topic I always find it amusing the way certain segments of society rant against "evil corporations" as though they're some giant robots bent on human subjugation. Those corporations are made up of and owned by people. But because they make a product or provide a service well enough to make a good living, they are "evil" and must be prevented from having a voice in their own country.
  15. Really, that's how you're going to play this? Make a stupid generalization about 300 million people, then act surprised when Lo fires up his steamroller?
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