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I just got done spending a day updating my photo gallery, and I thought ya'll might want to see the results.




Responses/Criticism highly appreciated.


And a few of my favorites for those of you too lazy to click (probably all of you ;) )









Use them anywhere you like, let me know if you want higher-res versions, but please give credit where credit is due. A lot of hard work went into these.



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Looking through your photos, you seem to have a good eye for composition.

You seem to have a nice camera to play with as well. Would like to know about your setup in a bit more detail, lenses etc.


I'd like to see the above photos at original full res.

Is there much post-processing involved?

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Thanks for the kind words. :)


I use a Canon 20D with a few lenses and a couple of old Nikon Flashes. (That way I hopefully get along with camera fanboys on both sides ;))


On those particular images I didn't do any post processing other than a little cropping and sharpening. However, I have no problem going to town in photoshop if it creates a compelling photograph. I consider the stuff on my site art, not photojournalism.


Jammin- I just sent you the full-res pictures. :)

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