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Which Arctic Silencer For X700?


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Hey all, I was just wondering whether anyone knows which arctic silencer thingamajig would fit on my ATI x700 pro AGP (got it at bestbuy) videocard, I hope it will be either rev 3, 4, or 5.2, because those are at ncix. :P Anyways, If i were to buy one thats just a bit off, could I somehow mod it to fit?


I could not find many pics of my video card, and have no digital camera, but here is a chinese(?) website which has it, except for a different heatsink : http://www.pc3w.com/2005/7-13/09485844648.html


The heatsink is like this one : 168136.jpg


OKay anyways, any comments would be appreciated of what you think

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