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    3800+ amd 64 1.5 gig ram 7800gtx 8293 3D marks Stock but clocked
    e-mu 1820m soundcard and all the other junk
  1. The facts are that Sli does improve frame rates on most games by at least 1/3 and very rarely does it hamper the performance I would say 1% of the time if at all. Sli has been proven to be superior to crossfire in most performance benchmarks. In my opinion modern Ati Cards have a slightly different rendering look than nvidia which i find more desirable but I bought a 7800 gtx because I could have outragous resolution which I like. But I think spending that much money to get what equates to less than double the performance for double your money is not good sense but buying the best single slot solution and doubling up later to keep your system up to date when prices come down makes much more sense. My direct advice is dont waste money on gear that only gives you a little more performance it doesnt look 400 dollars better to my eyes I can tell you.
  2. Hi anybody got a working CD key for HL1 If your not using it anymore I just want it for multiplayer I am willing to buy or if you dont want it you maybe could let me have it and I will be eternally greatful anyway let me know Thanx OCC community.
  3. I apologise in advance for this and for its rudeness [edited by moderator] Umm... that one was a bit too far
  4. Thanx HNRG I think I will just stick with what I got Seeing as how heaps and heaps of good recordings were done with apple g4 and pentium 866 chips I will probably do something decent and you make a good point I wont have cascaded plug ins and multiple windows open.
  5. Also you wont get the hardware accelerated effects the emu has an onboard chip dedicated to effects to give your processor more breathing space plus a good software bundle but if on a budget I agree with hardnrg.
  6. IE 6 i think and its still picture of an eye as before.
  7. Wow things have changed You forget because it happens so gradually I remember the old commodore 64 and Amiga days man those amigas had awesome graffics in the day.
  8. Doesnt work when I refresh If this is a joke to get us to this I fell for it for it.
  9. I am a musican myself now I really would prefer people pay for recorded music but when it comes to tab and lyrics I think its different. I would be proud that people are playing it and you must of already sold a lot of records if people want to play it.
  10. I havent had personal experience with the 1616m but I have read endless reviews for soundcards and I bought a Emu 1820m for desktop The audio guys rave on and on about how good the emu stuff is and what value for money it is. The 1616 is also one of the cheapest proper laptop audio solutions I say you probably cant go wrong ,the converters are good and so are there preamps. P.s the audigy systems are great but there not really for recording they will record but there designed for home Hifi playback home theatre and gaming. The emu is purpose built for recording music by musicians or anyone needing high quality recordings
  11. I currently have a 3800+ amd proc and I wanna do some proffesional "sounding" recordings(and there hand quotations please Visualise ) . Iwill be running an emu 1820m with 1.5 gig system ram and steinberg sx3 and 64bit operating system as sx3 supports. Will a dual 3800+ or 4400+ dual processor give me a lot more recording performance or is it only beneficial when running multiple programs at one time or for software written for dual cores I have heard they are good for video and some audio work but that could be for businesses running multiple applications and I dont think I will do much of that I just want the recordings to be as professional as possible I dont want dinky little home studio sound I want people not to know where it was done. do you think the 3800 is up to this its 2.4 gigs verses dual 2.0and dual 2.2 would I even notice the difference.
  12. Iwont say I never look at porn but the most common place I get it is from software sites ,and I surf a lot ,unfortunately every week they seem to come out with more and more ingenious but really annoying and infecting programs.They really go very deep into the windows installation and take a while to get out. But if you guys dont get it I am glad cause its bad.
  13. Yes windows security has room for improvement I agree.
  14. I am sick and tired of crappy spyware and other parasitic software infecting my computer. What are these guys on and they think I will by there little programs to eliminate the stuff they wrote to infect my computer in the first place I would rather burn them with a death ray and this is what I would say to them %[email protected] % @% #%@ %&*@#*&%*& #@%!&%#%$%@ ^$*(*(@!&$&^$ #@^#@%^@ !**&(*($^ #$&@#@% Dont they have any sought of brain they are obviosly quite talented with computers cant they make a good living using there talents elsewhere What is their major malfuntion (full metal jacket ) and thats what I would like to give to them.
  15. Oh nano I hate to have to explain myself or human psycology but when you think everything you do is right and you dont take advise or critism from the public ,oppositional political parties members or your own party who disagree and others you are being a dictator.That means one person or select few are dictating how everyone should live and the laws, that is the definition of fascism. This leader also has a mandate with his own party so there is no voting on the issues put through parliament they just go straight through And if I am 5 or 35 my opinion is as valid as any one elses like yours even though I had to explain what I was saying By the way you are allowed to use the word fascism to describe modern behavior it is part of the english language and doesnt just apply to nazis Ps thank you KB and I am trying to be better with formating
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