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6800nu Overclocking + Voltage

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I gave in! The default core voltage for these NU's is 1.2v in 3D mode. I didn't want to BIOS flash to increase voltage since the next step in Nibitor was 1.4v, 1.3v appeared to be missing. Well, I just found out how to change it to 1.3v using the hex editor, confirmed with a DMM it's 1.3v now!


So, think this is safe? The core is now running at 425MHz ( think it'll do more though ). Running 3dmark and looking for artifacts. I don't think there's any yet (passed nature fine). I thought I saw two white dots on one of the trolls, but... I dunno. If I see any white dots anywhere that means core overheating, right? Perhaps I should put it back a bit. What kinda temps should I aim for? Cause with 1.2v and 395MHz it hits like 70C load. Maybe I should wait till I get an Arctic thinger (the stock cooler on this leadtek is a big lump of copper and isn't actually too bad though)

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I'm using 66.97 ... my temps are exactly the same with 7x.xx series drivers, so I dunno what the fuss about the temperature bug is all about :rolleyes:


I'm trying out ATI tool right now (I know, on an nvidia card..). It actually seems like my memory can't overclock as high as I thought! It's detecting 1 pixel mismatch or something, repeated 199 times every so often, but when I put the memory from 830MHz to 800MHz that error seems to go away!


Think it might be time for me to get an artic thingy blah...


EDIT: ooo, with 1.3v I hit 81C. Yikes! I put it back for now and just ordered a silencer.


EDIT 2: Wow, I think I solved my artifacty issues with ATI tool. I set the control panel thing to High Quality and turned off trilinear, ansiotropic and antialiasing optimizations and I haven't seen that error for 17 mins now. Before it would give me the weird pixel error thing within 5 minutes.


Of course, now I have said that it'll throw me a pixel error any minute now... (or not, 20 minutes......).


I'll probably post some overclocks and temps with mr arctic silencer in the next few days, and pics of the vmem mod which.. I will probably end up doing! The solder pad looks kinda small, but I have had to solder to worse before. I think I will just about manage it...

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