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Finalizing New build


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I am coming to a hard decision for my build. :doh:

I will be purchasing this within the next week and am getting cold feet!

For years I've steadily turned here for advice and input from enthusiasts I've come to trust. 


As my family has grown, it gave me less time to have fun, however now as my children are getting older

(and more helpful LOL) I am getting a little more time back into my setup


I have just completed a large amount of upgrades, Desk, Keyboard & Mouse, Storage, Audio & Display setup...


Now it's time to do the big boys CPU - MOBO - RAM


It's coming to a point where I almost feel it's not going to be much difference due to the level of parts and that's making me second guess myself.


Now Right before you see the hardware, I'll put in what my system is used for, as it's been so long I'm sure nobody nowadays knows what my usage style is


Always On 24-7

Gotta be able to at least have OC capability duh! (that's what removed the ASUS boards due to poor VRM setup)

Connects to Gigabit network, I already Have a PCI wireless card (AC

Used as Plex Media Server that has multiple simultaneous connections sometimes

Used as my daily core gaming machine. Display is a 4k 120hz TV Via HDMI

DVD video encoding, would like to be able to do high speed and quality multiple pass encodes
I don't go extra on memory OC beyond what's needed for the CPU



The Permanent parts that aren't changing this build is going into:


Case - Thermaltake CA-1H1-00F1WN-00 Tower 900
PSU - CORSAIR RMx Series, RM1000x
Windows Drive - Samsung 970 PRO 512GB - NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD 


Undecided - Need Opinions!

Mobo -



ASrock Taichi Ultimate


Cpu -

i9 - 9900k


i7 8/9700k


RAM - I want at least 32gb  of RAM, Not too picky, any suggestions?


 My 1080 Ti Still makes me happy  :whistling:

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If you looking for rock solid stabilty and overclocking I think Gigabyte Aorus Master is good. I would be my choice if I owned a Z390. Good price, decent VRMs and hits all the marks overall.

Buildzoid makes good VRM analysis videos



For the CPU, It depends how long you care about encoding, it's going to be scalable. More cores, faster encoding. Bang for the buck would be the i7 8700k  or i5 9600K overclocked to 4.8-5ghz. Both 6 cores, so whatever is cheaper.


Ram. You shouldn't buy anything over 3200. Makes no sense for the price. You may gain a few fps going to 3600 with super tight timings. But above 3600, ram isn't plug and play XMP anymore, it takes a lot of tweaking to get it to boot.

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Thanks for the reply! I'm doing my in store pickup from micro center right now, I'm grabbing that mobo and a pair of ripjaws and the i9!

Will my bracket for my AIO WC thats a 1150 work on the 1151 i wonder

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