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    i7 - 4770k 4.3Ghz WC - 2x8TB WDW / 1TBSSDx512gbSSD - 55" LG - GTX 1080 Ti
  1. WOO cant wait to get this build started!
  2. Thanks for the reply! I'm doing my in store pickup from micro center right now, I'm grabbing that mobo and a pair of ripjaws and the i9! Will my bracket for my AIO WC thats a 1150 work on the 1151 i wonder
  3. I am coming to a hard decision for my build. I will be purchasing this within the next week and am getting cold feet! For years I've steadily turned here for advice and input from enthusiasts I've come to trust. As my family has grown, it gave me less time to have fun, however now as my children are getting older (and more helpful LOL) I am getting a little more time back into my setup I have just completed a large amount of upgrades, Desk, Keyboard & Mouse, Storage, Audio & Display setup... Now it's time to do the big boys CPU - MOBO - RAM It's coming to a point where I almost feel it's not going to be much difference due to the level of parts and that's making me second guess myself. Now Right before you see the hardware, I'll put in what my system is used for, as it's been so long I'm sure nobody nowadays knows what my usage style is Always On 24-7 Gotta be able to at least have OC capability duh! (that's what removed the ASUS boards due to poor VRM setup) Connects to Gigabit network, I already Have a PCI wireless card (AC Used as Plex Media Server that has multiple simultaneous connections sometimes Used as my daily core gaming machine. Display is a 4k 120hz TV Via HDMI DVD video encoding, would like to be able to do high speed and quality multiple pass encodes I don't go extra on memory OC beyond what's needed for the CPU The Permanent parts that aren't changing this build is going into: Case - Thermaltake CA-1H1-00F1WN-00 Tower 900 PSU - CORSAIR RMx Series, RM1000x Windows Drive - Samsung 970 PRO 512GB - NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD Undecided - Need Opinions! Mobo - MSI MEG ACE Z390 GIGABYTE AORUS master ASrock Taichi Ultimate Cpu - i9 - 9900k OR i7 8/9700k RAM - I want at least 32gb of RAM, Not too picky, any suggestions? My 1080 Ti Still makes me happy
  4. still working on it, but I am loving this card!\ hmm I cant seem to use some of the functions here to add my link, it just freezes. :\
  5. I just bought this card, this review being the final reason. I believe in you ccokeman lol
  6. Well if all you do is low-speed in city driving, you can always sell the motorcycle and get a moped which seems much more suited to what you use it for. Road rash cares not what you wear!
  7. Knight_72 - you are incorrect about the amount needed for that game. "minimum requirements" for that game is 4GB. walterg74 - SSD's are amazing compared to HDD's especially nowadays as they have had much time to develop. - don't worry about vibration/bangs/drops. you can still murda them, but nowhere as easily as a tradional HDD - they don't need to be defragged, its seek time is astronomical compared to a HDD - they consume less power to operate - access times, load times for ALL applications , not just windows (BTW Fight Game, not entirely true. for people who have scheduled anti-virus sweeps, Auto-Matic Updates and such can make a decrease in game performance , especially if you are just pushing the minimum to run the game) Sinze you are gaming @ 1920x1080 I would first just upgrade my videocard, see how much of an impact that makes, and if you still want to go further, i'm on the same ship as Bosco, Next stop RAM SSD's are the current future of HDD's Only downside is the Price2Size Ratio, which is MUCH less than it has been, but still much more expensive than traditional drives.
  8. cchalogamer - Man you filled me with worries now, considering I leave my pc on usually 24-7 365. hornycow - im surprised they are working with him without a fight. im sure if it was anything but an already completely closed loop they would try to pawn it off somewhere else spikesoprano - that's how mass producing parts goes. original design is good, after years of producing the "lets cut money and make the same item" idea usualy starts popping up, pooping on it for everyone
  9. LOL Waco, howcome? Its durability is amazing. plus for Pandora n email simple stuff it gets the job done! im just not fancy with my phones anymore I guess lol
  10. I have a droid razr M and it seems to be able to do everything you said you wanted, are you just sick of having the phone for so long? I do know when I had been using cyanogen, the kernel played a major part of the performance. I would check out a S4 active. a nice little durable phone, other than that I don't recommend any Samsung after working on them. the lumia series are good windows phones, most have overkill on the camera and good quality screens. if you don't mind the razr series, the XT1080 isn't a bad choice.
  11. I have used torn up tools for years soldering and never had any issues. cheap flux paste on the other hand...
  12. ^ +1 Found my mother in law outside, otherwise nothing fancy
  13. I think it looks good, screw what he says lol
  14. Easy tablet to repair for all you do-it-yourselfers! Hope you sell it!
  15. you can always just flip your case lol
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