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Hello - wanting to overclock a new build


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Total Nerd,


My reasons for overclocking are many of what you mentioned. I plan on buying a better CPU later on and would possibly like to overclock it as well and thought that I would start with this budget priced CPU so that I don't lose an expensive one if I make some mistakes. I would like to be able to play some games if I decide to at a later time. I also like the challenge of learning something new that's out of bounds for the general population and need something to keep me busy right now. You're right, there are probably some things that my old quad core would have been better at, but that system was getting to be too unstable for me and I didn't want to invest much money in getting these old components to keep working as I needed them to. Plus I wouldn't be able to upgrade it much either with those older components and I wanted to get USB 3 support.


Right away I started noticing some slowness in web browsing and some other things at the stock speed of the G3258. I've now added an aftermarket cooler and have it running at 4.5Ghz and I'm quite happy with the performance now. I haven't got it completely stable yet, but I think that I'm pretty close.


Sorry for the late replies. I've been on a couple of trips recently and haven't had time to check in here.


Thanks again!

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