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Would there be noticeable difference in gaming if I OC my RAM speed or timings?

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My ram is G.Skill Ares 1866mhz 9-10-9-28 1.5v and I plan to OC 4690k and EVGA GTX 970 3975-KR on a ASRock Z97 Fatal1ty Killer mobo.


Would the noticeable difference in min FPS be minimal, moderate or significant if "overclocking" my ram?


Depending on how much the noticeable difference is in gaming, I am on the fence about spending the extra time in verifying ram OC stability.


I am considering about running speeds of 1866/1600mhz and timings of 8-9-9-26-1T @ increased DRAM voltage to 1.65V and VCCSA of 1.20V, if needed.


Games I would play include SoM, ACU, W3, FC4, GTAV.

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