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  1. ok, I understand Ryzen 3000 chips get a nice boost in peformance from higher ram speed. (i.e., 20%) Is this improvement reflected in just benchmarks, or also in real world applications and gaming fps (and is the price difference worth the extra fps gain)?
  2. Looking to pair the x570 AORUS Elite mobo (reviewed by buildzoid) with some great memory (along with a 3700x and 2080 ti for 1440p/144hz heavy gaming + light productivity) Does anyone know what ram works with this mobo? I tried researching the following but I am even more confused. G.Skill Flare X 3200 CL 14 - The ram qvl says it works with this mobo but the mobo qvl says it is not G.Skill Ripjaws 3600 CL 16 - The mobo qvl says the ram is compatible but the ram qvl says it does not work G.Skill Trident Z - Neither mobo or ram qvl says the ram works with x570 AORUS Elite mobo. okay. Any other brands which work with this mobo that I should consider? Thanks! :)
  3. Yes, the Dell laptop had other software/hardware issues.
  4. The Dell latitude 2120 was too slow. So I went ahead and bought an evoo laptop. Much better.
  5. She cannot use Linux. I am going to install Windows 10 first and if there are no driver installation issues, briefly replicate what she would be doing to hopefully not be sluggish. If it is or I encounter crashing and freezing, I will switch to Windows 7.
  6. I am getting an old laptop for my cousin to use for shopping online and excel spreadsheet. which is pretty much what she will only use it for. it has no OS but was wondering if it is better to install windows 10 or windows 7, from a performance perspective?
  7. I went ahead and snagged a new Inland Professional 480GB SSD for $39 on ebay. It is a relatively modern drive and has a 3 yr warranty I plan to use this as a gaming storage drive on a secondary gaming laptop on occasion. Hope this is worth it.
  8. thansk for the info. is a intel 520 480gb for $30 worth it? it has 39 TB written on it with 100% health status.
  9. A used Micron M510DC 480GB is selling for relatively cheap price. Is this enterprise SSD good for gaming or is it better to use a consumer-grade SSD?
  10. Stealth3si

    laptop for normal gaming?

    any one know what cpu/gpu spec i should be looking for in a game like GTA V on normal settings? my budget is around $250 but i can stretch it a bit higher if I have to.
  11. Planning to replace my card soon and buy a 4k TV eventually. I will be using it for a multi-seat gaming setup until then. I know it should fit my case and was wondering if it is compatible with the rest of my spec below, mainly my mobo and PSU.
  12. I am looking for a custom 1080 Ti < 11" that will fit in my case. My 980 Ti barely fits with a quarter of an inch to spare. My priority is: 1. Size 2. Performance 3. Noise Anyone know which ones I can choose from? Edit: Looks like I found one: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 GAMING. What is the noise level when overclocking?
  13. Stealth3si

    Is it ok if I disable Windows 10 memory compression?

    To no longer get the "error" in process explorer.