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something malicious

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I think I've got something malicious that I picked up several months ago when I downloaded a You_Tube high definition add-on to Firefox.\


So, what happens is that at random times when using Firefox a new tab will open and display something about You_Tube high definition and this seems to be out of my control, and happens sometimes when I'm filling out a form on a web page, or perhaps writing something, etc. When it happens, the new tab just pops up and opens to the new web page, and I lose focus from my previous tab...........very annoying. So, the last time this happened, I went to the URL bar and copied it and here it is: "http://barisderin.com/?p=1117"(the quotes are mine).


I'd like to eliminate this from my rig, but so far none of the malicious software removal tools have worked.


So, my question is one of troubleshooting this..........how do I find and remove this?? I thought that maybe I could search through all the files on the computer for "barisderin"..............will that work or will it be disguised so that a search won't find it.


Help please so I can get rid of this.

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