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  1. I've been considering upgrading my current SATA SSD to a Samsung EVO 960 M.2, but not sure if my mobo will work properly with it. I don't have a good understanding of the NVMe protocol, so please be patient if I ask dumb questions. I checked the user manual for my current mobo, Asus Z170-E, which has an M.2 socket, but it looks like the socket needs to be configured in the BIOS setup........there are 2 choices of modes: a) M.2 b) SATA EXpress The Asus manual states the following about the 2 modes: [M.2] SATA mode will be switched to M.2. SATA EXpress can only support PCIE devices [sATA EXpress] SATA mode will be switched to SATA EXpress. M.2 can only support PCIE devices This is confusing to me, there is no mention of NVMe, unless that is implicit for M.2 mode. SO............will a Samsung EVO 960 work, or will I need to get an 860 which uses the M.2 socket but I think uses SATA protocol? I don't have anything to use to install my copy of Windows 10 onto the new SSD because Microsoft upgraded my Windows 7 and turned it into Windows 10 a couple years ago. But, it is my understanding that Samsung includes some software with the 960 EVO that will copy the current c: drive onto the 960 EVO, which will then become the new c: drive. Is that correct? If correct, does that transfer happen smoothly or do people regularly incur difficulties? Anyone out there running the Z170-E who has some experience with configuring the M.2 socket?
  2. I haven't kept up-to-speed on computer builds for quite a while, and I can really use some help. I upgraded my mobo, cpu and memory a couple years ago, but retained my old 9600 GSO video card. Recently, I downloaded a trial version of Fallout 4 (from Steam) and it would not run on my system........pretty sure the video card is not sufficient to allow the game to run. So, I'd like to upgrade to something that will run games on my 27 inch monitor (2560 x 1440), but I don't need top-of-the-line performance. I plan to build a complete new rig sometime in the future (as soon as the chipmakers straighten out the Spectre and Meltdown problems), but until they do I will keep the current build and only upgrade the GPU. Here is what I need: dual monitor support (currently run a 27 inch with a DVI connector, and a 24 inch with a VGA connector and a VGA-DVI adapter) ability to run games on the 27 inch monitor @ 2560 x 1440 I don't really need really high framerates good low price no excessive power requirements I sure can use the help.........all advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  3. problem solved..................thanks to all for the good advice................I needed to download the latest patch, and then it started properly and seems to be running well.
  4. I wanted to re-play my old copy of HALO COMBAT EVOLVED and installed it on my rig which is now Windows 10 (used to be Windows 7). The installation seemed to preceed normally, but when I used the desktop icon to start the program it told me to log in as administrator. So, I did a right-click and selected "Run as Administrator". It looked like the program was starting to work, but then it popped-up a troubleshooter. After running the troubleshooter, the result was "Incompatible program". Is there a work-around for this? Seems like I should be able to run older programs on Windows 10.........maybe not??
  5. thanks scr4wl I've never used powershell, but it seems to me that the command-line that you have shown would only find files of the type "*.ico". Is that correct? I am looking for something that will find ALL the icons on the computer, whether they are *.ico, or *.png, or any other icon-appropriate extensions. Will the powershell command do that?
  6. I am running Windows10 and have tried to use file explorer to search my computer for icon files, but it is a clumsy operation and I'm not having much success. Is there an easy way to search the entire c: drive (or d: drive, or g: drive) for ALL the icons that are currently on the drive? It would be nice to be able to locate every icon that is currently on the computer, or on a thumb drive, etc.
  7. thanks to Nimrod and ANTITHAT for the prompt responses............After taking the precautions that have been suggested, I think that I've configured both Firefox and Opera to not run Flash before asking permission. But, I guess that I am still vulnerable if I am on a site that requests to use Flash, and if I answer "yes" because I want to view the content, I am still vulnerable at that point. I'm using F-Secure as my security software, hopefully it will detect something malicious..............not sure about that.
  8. I haven't been following the issue at all, so I'm approaching this with very little info. First question: Is there a problem, or a danger, using Adobe Flash Player? I would like to use an on-line electronic circuit design program that requires Flash Player to be installed in my Opera browser, and I've downloaded Flash Player ver did I make a mistake by doing that? I also installed the same version on Firefox. Second question: What is the danger, if any? Third question: Should I remove, or disable, Flash Player?
  9. OK, so how do I proceed to troubleshoot this? Is the problem with my computer or is it with Charter.net email? What are the steps to take to troubleshoot, and in what order?
  10. well, I like Thunderbird and am comfortable with it..........is there an advantage to gmail or firefox?
  11. I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 several months ago, and have been noticing what I think is a problem with my email (I have a charter.net account). My regular email program is Thunderbird, which has worked well for me for very many years. However, when I moved to Windows 10, I set-up the MAIL program as a second email program, so that I could compare its operation to Thunderbird. I've decided that I still prefer Thunderbird to the MAIL program, but I am still using them both. Here is the problem: My emails seem to be delayed before they arrive, and they seem to arrive first in the MAIL program (but still take way too long to arrive), and then much later in the Thunderbird program, sometimes several hours later. I began to notice this whenever I had to wait for a web-site to email me a confirmation of a sale, or an access code for a secure site, or an email to reset a password, etc. In the past, these kinds of emails arrived almost immediately in Thunderbird, and if I didn't see them I would just click the "Get Messages" button and they would be there. Now, it takes hours before I see them in MAIL, and then hours later they show in Thunderbird. I have checked the settings and adjusted to "Check for new messages every 1 minute". So, how do I troubleshoot this? Is the problem with charter.net? If so, why does MAIL seem to receive everything faster than Thunderbird? Could MAIL possibly be interfering with Thunderbird? Help please, I'm not sure how to proceed to troubleshoot this.
  12. I will look for VLC player and give it a try................please forgive my confusion, but what is a "flac mucic file"? Also, I updated my sig to show Windows 10 64-bit
  13. after thinking about this for a while, I don't think that a headphone splitter is the answer. Here is my setup: I have 2 small computer speakers that are plugged into the green (front) audio out jack on the motherboard.........these are my front speakers. Also, I have 2 different small speakers that are plugged into the black (rear) audio out jack............these are my rear speakers. So, this is not a single quadraphonic system from a single manufacturer, rather it is 2 separate stereo speaker systems that are connected as a quad system, I don't think that that should make a difference. When I use the "Asus Realtek HD Audio Manager" program, I set the speaker configuration for Quadraphonic, and then hit the "test" button, and everything works well............the software plays a sound through each of the 4 speakers (one speaker at a time) and I hear the sound through each speaker in the correct order. So, I believe that my hardware is set up and configured correctly.............the problem is that not any of my other programs utilize the rear speakers..........the front speakers are working, but I get no sound through the rear speakers.............yet when I then run the Audio Manager program and do the test, then all 4 speakers are working. So, do I need to tell Windows 10 to use quadraphonic sound, or tell Windows 10 to route everything through the Realtek software, or something similar? I'm not having any luck trying to figure this out.
  14. thanks Wevsspot...............your diagnosis was right on the mark. I followed the tutorial and now the computer is behaving the way that I want it to behave. Issue solved. Thanks for the help.
  15. I recently have upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but now I have noticed that the desktop computer does not appear to shut down completely. Here is what is happening: from the Windows 10 start menu I select "Power" a box pops up with 3 choices: Sleep, Shutdown, or Restart I select Shutdown and the computer appears to shut down When I return to the computer, if I hit any key on the keyboard, the computer now performs POST and then starts Windows This seems like the computer had gone into hibernation, rather than a shutdown. It seems to me that after a "Shut down" you should be required to hit the Power button to start the computer. Am I missing something here? What is going on?
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