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PZK Dubstep Mixes

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Broken linky due to swear filter. (Edit, see you just changed the URL)


I will listen another day, currently chilling to some Kromestar :)

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I have listened to most if not all of your mixes and keep them on my fone to listen to at work :)

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Dling the last 2 links now so I can have some new stuff to listen too :)

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I got em but forgot to transfer to the fone so far. Yesterday I was looking for them on my fone and was dang it haven't moved em yet

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New Mix Out!




Massive 1hr Long Mix, perfect for the car and perfect for any parties where you don't have a real DJ :P



1. Fytch - What If I Told You
2. Fytch - That I Love You
3. Dems - Desire (DeadExit Remix)
4. Cookie Monsta & Flux Pavilion - Come Find Me
5. Konec - The Void ft. Anna Yvette
6. 501 - Headrush ft. Belle Humble
7. Skrillex, 12th Planet, Kill The Noise - Burst 
8. Skrillex, 12th Planet, Kill The Noise - Burst (The Frim VIP)
9. AFK - Ripper (AFK & The Frim VIP)
10. Destroid (Excision & Space Laces) - Bounce
11. Genetix - $$$
12. Eptic - Gutter
13. Eptic - Bust Em' Out (MRK1 Trap Remix)
14. Eptic - Bust Em' Out ft. Virus Syndicate
15. Autobots & Dead Audio - Bring Back the Sound (Funtcase Remix)
16. Cookie Monsta & Funtcase - Atom Bomb
17. Engine-EarZ Experiment - Rogue Status (Bar9 Remix)
18. Getter - AK47 (JPhelpz Remix)
19. AFK - Pinkman
20. Tetsuo - Zup Zup VIP
21. Konec - Railgun ft. xKore
22. Genetix - Like Dat
23. Plan B - ill Manors (Funtcase Remix)
24. Skism & Virus Syndicate - Like This
25. JPhelpz - Bring Tha Bass Back
26. Flux Pavilion - Bass Cannon
27. Eddie K - Come With Me
28. Millions Like Us - Don't Let Go
29. Crissy Criss - Let Go
30. Cassius - I Love You So (Schoolboy Remix)
31. Buku - Fullagold
32. 50 Carrot - Twrk
33. Funtcase - Out for da Milli
34. Lost & 50 Carrot - Leanin
35. 50 Carrot - Wiz Kid
36. Sponge Bandits - I Can See You (JPhelpz Remix)
37. Badklaat & Cookie Monsta - Fishy Gun Fingers
38. Kryptic Minds - Badman VIP
39. Barron - West Coast Don
40. P0gman - They Know (Diamond Pistols Remix)
41. P0gman - Blunt Knife ft. Gravity
42. Lifecycle - Zero X VIP
43. Downlink - Factory VIP
44. Yung Simmie - Florida Nigga Mentality

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