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Small PSU for pump and fans

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The point of this PSU is that it is not connected to any other components, just the pump and fans. I am pretty good at wiring so i will make sure the pc cant boot without the pump and fans on. I checked the power draw for the fans and pump and the 80W psu will easily handle it.

I am going to have the fans and pump on military switches and the on/off switch attached to a keylock to close the circuit (partly) and then a 'vandal proof' switch from performance-pcs to actually turn it on

You can do this by modifying the 24-pin connector on you psu, by cutting the power on and power good pins (mobo will not get power good signal from psu, and there for cant boot). And add extra wires and switches in between..., You will need a double switch (i.e. a switch with two separate switches operated by the same button)

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