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    Intel i7 860
    MSI 660Ti Power Edition @ 1300MHz core
    16GB Corsair Vengeance LP
    Corsair 650W PSU
    Bitfenix Prodigy
    Corsair H100
    120GB SSD
    1TB HDD

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    Rampage 4 Extreme
    32GB Corsair dominator
    i7 3930k
    3x 670 FTW
    256GB Crucial M4
    6TB raid array
    1500w PSU
    Full custom Liquid cooling
    Heavily Modified XSPC HIVE H1 case
  1. long time, no post. Everyone said to me "when you get a girlfriend, you wont even touch your computer gear anymore" well, 3 months in, havent turned on my desktop in over a month, only been using laptop when at hers/uni Oops... Watched season 2 of walking dead from start -> finish (over 10 hours) today with above mentioned girlfriend
  2. I currently own both the DT990s and Q701 I am running a rather high end DAC (matrix mini-i) and decent AMP for them (O2 amp) Both are very nice headphones, but i MUCH prefer the DT990s Lighter, nicer to use for long periods Better midrange MUCH better bass Smoother overall sound I find the q701s can be somewhat harsh in the high end at times, and is very lacking in low midrange -> bass
  3. Sounds about right. When removing the stock cooler, then replacing, i only replace the TIM on the core, the thermal pads are fine. Those temps seem fine, but it has been about 2 years since i had 6970s Multiple monitors always make the card idle faster and hotter (i had 4 on my 6970s)
  4. What happened to the original thermal pads? The gap is too large for thermal paste, and Arctic silver is slightly conductive/capacative, so not the best choice on GPUs
  5. I have a very large (about twice the size of a full tower) case as my primary, and a bitfenix prodigy (large ITX) as my secondary. Prefer the large case for a massive watercooled tri-gpu build, but definitely prefer lanning with the smaller one
  6. both of us had work on the thursday, so having ours today/tonight
  7. Mine is so heavily modded that if i didnt see the icon when i booted it, i would forget it WAS once skyrim
  8. Muchoman1

    3DMark 2013

    Caved, bought advanced edition through steam Gonna crush nyt and his puny 690
  9. Whole house Surge protector, plus protector boards on the most important stuff (Big PC, TV, Home Theater etc)
  10. I'm actually trying to find a way to plug in the second monitor , my DVI-I is occupied by the first monitor , i can't find a VGA to DVI-D DL which won't cost me a small fortune , so yeah it leaves me with a VGA to HDMI ! Then it will work. All DVI -> VGA converters are for DL DVI->VGA, so the little dongles that you get with most (all) graphics cards these days will work
  11. So you need HDMI out from your gpu to VGA in to your monitor? That cable should work
  12. Im hoping they are the nickel ones? Just placed an order for 3x Nickel blocks + single slot brackets + backplates Nickel blocks look sexy
  13. Im hoping they are the nickel ones? Just placed an order for 3x Nickel blocks + single slot brackets + backplates
  14. Start 8 on my laptop, both desktops still run win7
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