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which psu is recommend

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which is more recommend between those with that system:


core i5 2500K @ 4.5 OC

ASrock P67 Extreme 4

Kingston Hyperx DDR3 2X2GB 1600mhz

Nvidia 570GTX OC (Gigabyte UD Version)

1 X SSD drive 60gb

1 X HD 1T 7200rpm

5 X 120MM


1X PCI Creative audigy SE

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Are those the only two options you have? Where are you buying from?


Anyway, I might lean in the direction of the Seasonic, though the Sapphire is apparently built by Enermax (pretty much the same as their Modu82+ from a quick bit of research).

I would think that either would be fine though I would like to know if you have other options, as there might be something better for the price.

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Your system will be needing at most about 450w @ full load with a combined current of 30A on the +12 volt rail(s) so your current Corsair 550VX will be fine and will give you about 100w of head room.


If you want more than I would go with what Jammin said and probably look to getting the Seasonic if these are the only PSUs you want to choose from.

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