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MS Outlook update... crapped out


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so I've had this hotlaim account for several years now. a couple of years ago (or less, corect me if I'm wrong) MS Outlook (I got 2007) said it needs Outlook Connector to function with hotmail. fine. it's free thank ye gods. (vishnu, superman, and the incredible hulk).


today I open outlook and it tells me "to continue to use hotmail WITH outlook I need to update the connector". fine I press UPDATE, and it tells me outlook will close. fine. I get installer>2 options>1)reinstall/repair connector, 2)UNinstall connector. no matter the choice I'm screwed. if I click reinstall, I get the same connector; and if I click UNinstall, I get no connector and thus I cannot update it...


what do I do?


TY 4 ur patience!!!

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