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  1. OK I think I solved the problem... as I said when POST got to USB listing devices it stopped at "USB mass storage device" and having no storage devices on USB other then my card reader (internal USB), I unplugged it. now it starts up fine.
  2. aye the clouds are a photo - of which I played with lighting and some gradient overlays and a bit of dodge/burn to make it pop and yes she does look delicious. no that's not me posing lmfao.
  3. was playing around with photoshop a bit - and tbh I would know about $5 of the whole app. came up with this. discuss.... http://i996.photobucket.com/albums/af84/crawlerz246/dramaticlighting_zps5fda4f7d.jpg
  4. idk I use photobucket, but I don't pay.
  5. so I have this PC (my main as well as my only PC I use for everything from watching TV to storing my family's photos, to gaming, to photoshop/AE) and it's on most of the time, so about 12hrs a day. pretty stable. hardware, as in my sig, is i7 [email protected], 12GB RAM, ASUS P6X58D mobo, MSI 580GTX, Vertex 4 250GB SSD for OS (on marvel controller's SATA III set to AHCI), 910w P&C PSU, 26" Samsung monitor I won with this video on xfire http://youtu.be/tWNI80sN8OM recently I had a few times some issues where it won't boot - that it it will boot but won't load windows. i press the power button, POST takes about 10x longer than needed and it shows the win logo, then monitor turns off like when OC fails and it stops. that is I cannot see anything to know that it's running. not really sure what the hell's going on as this OC seems pretty stable. it's been at this level at a couple of months, gaming etc. running 12hr days and P95 a few times to make sure. each time I eventually booted but I am not sure what fixed it. as I don't really do anything but hard reboot and drop all OC (which never helps) reboot a few more times, then it cannot find the SSD (the damn marvel controller is DISABLED duh)... reenable and reboot maybe a couple more times and it works. don't know why. as for booting it goes thru the list like SATA this SATA that, then checking USB mass storage devices (I have no storage devices on USB other than perhaps the card reader which is on internal USB), and pauses for quite some time. maybe the damn card reader's the problem. it was never quiet right. it either refuses to recognize cards or is not seen by PC or whatever. always been a bit of a problem child. so what say you? any ideas?
  6. good commentary. you should go into the adsense program if you're not in already dude. build a fan base and such....
  7. oh.. OH! of course. I am stuck like a dumbass in the conventional world. +1 good thinking mate.
  8. it is near a window (closed most of the time) but apparently I have dust everywhere... *sadface*
  9. yh but see to take the nylons off I'd still have to unscrew all that rad stuff and fans... so same amount of work. oh and the results are in. after running P95 for an hour on each setup (push and push/pull) I find that the top for push/pull is 2C lower then pull. 67C vs 69C respectively.
  10. has actually crossed my mind but how would that be different then the dust collected on the rad?
  11. yh that's what I thought. running more conclusive test now. P95 for an hour with both setups. so far max with PULL ONLY (2 fans) is 69C. and that's with 4.01GHz.... we'll see
  12. I have 2 dogs. dust and hair is a daily life. I try to vacuum PC every month or so, but I haven't unscrewed the rad in 3 months cuz it's a chore. actually this is more then I get inside PC on a normal use. i suspect because the rad itself acts like a dust filter because its metal fins are so close together. like a fine (relatively) mesh. my original question was: do I keep 4 fans in push pull or do I take the top 2 off for a pull setup? and does push/pull have anything to do with worsening of dust i.e. wierd air currents?
  13. so I just took out my H100 to vacuum it and this is what I found . now this is only after 3.5 months of use in a push pull setup. (my grandpappy's holding the rad, and I'm snapping the pic). so me grandpappy is saying well WTF - those top fans are probably creating weird air currents seeing as how that dust is in a layer on top of the rad...maybe try to get rid of the top 2 fans? see how it goes. good thing too cuz I broke 1 fan's blade. expensive $^er. but I digress. I disconected (did not yet remove) the top 2 fans, with only the bottom 2 pulling air thru the rad. as far as the temps go I haven't really noticed a difference to be honest. I don't right know if that's a good thing or not. the advice I am seeking is - should I remove the 2 top fans so I'm left with a PULL setup or get a replacement fan for the one I broke and go back to the old ways?
  14. hey if you got any bright ideas PM me... I'm game
  15. just PM me with the request with your LOGO and/or wording and I'll upload the finished proudct to rapidshare
  16. had this G9 mouse (not the G9x, just the 9) for at least a couple of years now. like the side recess. play the %^$# out of BF3. like it a lot. some time ago I've started noticing the side buttons not reacting on first click. lately it's gotten really noticeable. 3,4,5 clicks to get it to work. quite annoying since that's my knife in BF3. no stealth knife is a life or death decision. needless to say this lead to a lot of profanities. since it's way out of it's RMA period, is there a way to clean it maybe? what should I do? I mean I'm certainly not the cleanliest person in the world, and I've got 2 dogs, but my electronics I try to keep clean. what can I do?
  17. In lieu of my YT channel reaching 400 000 views I am giving away . Just PM me on YT and tell me what to write. There are 3 placeholders for pictures and/or text. If you use it, please throw a link to my channel in whatever you use it in. Thanks
  18. a while ago I took a guys webby and generated a free PDF from it with his site's keywords and made . now today another dude wants a similar thing but I forgot the free site which does this random layout thing from a URL's keyqords. plz help out if you remember it.
  19. you're a braver man then me. I will stay below 70 whatever it takes.
  20. I have a HAF 932 case (obviously gigantic) and a H100 water cooler on my i7 920 @ 4.01GHz right now. ideling at about 40C warming up all the way to 62C on 100% use. so I was naturaly interested
  21. dude I saw in your sig you have a 4GHz OC going on your 920. then your cooler caught my eye. the zalman. is it really that good? what kind of temps are you getting?
  22. aye. true. but I'm doing this to my daddy's lappy for his bday. is an aging DELL. probably has a seagate tho. most DELLs do, don't they?
  23. it starts up so ridiculously fast, that outlook starts up before my WLAN is found LOL!
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