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They said you could do that?


The next book isn't a continuation of the 1st. It's suppose to be about the group that was introduced in the Races of Tyria.


Well ArenaNet said that if you have the character name on your GW1 account, only you will be able to use it first, so that's a semi-sneaky way of saying yes :D


Yeah the order of the books is a bit, odd, but that just makes it funner!


Look at the uber long spoiler for info about the name reservation stuff ^^ (edited for links of reference,gotta give credit where it's due :))



Edit, taken from here:

Can I transfer a Guild Wars character to Guild Wars 2?


No, but you will be able to reserve character names. Guild Wars: Eye of the North allows you to transfer some achievements to GW2 through the Hall of Monuments.



Originally Posted by Gaile Gray

I'm not sure if it was in this thread that the question was asked, but I did want to share some good news:


We do completely understand that you want to keep your character names. After all, character names are a special part of your Guild Wars experience. So you'll be happy to know that yes, your character name will be reserved for you. If you link a Guild Wars 2 character to a Guild Wars character, the GW2 character will inherit the GW character’s accomplishments, as recorded in your Hall of Monuments. The Hall of Monuments, available through Guild Wars: Eye of the North, will provide access to unique companions, equipment, miniatures, titles, etc. that can’t be obtained any other way in GW2.


I like the whole idea of building a "family history" for my characters in The Hall of Monuments. With the timespan between Guild Wars: Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2, it's a cool idea to pass things--even names--down "through the family."


edit 2 just for shats and giggles :D


Original Guild Wars characters


Characters from the original Guild Wars campaign will not be migrated to play in Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 2 will be a fresh start. Some items and weapons players earn in the original Guild Wars campaign may be redeemed for rewards in Guild Wars 2 through the Hall of Monuments which is available to players who have Guild Wars Eye of the North, however players will not be able to migrate the exact items or titles they obtained in Guild Wars. Names will also be reserved through this system.



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I guess I need to get to work and rename some chracters. Stopped carrying about pets and someone I let borrow my account deleted all my original characters anyways. Now I got zero characters at endgame. From a full account except one slot I left empty for them. I guess they didn't use that empty slot.

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QA Session at Gamescom



Q&A with Guild Wars 2 Lead Content Designer Colin Johanson



Q&A with Guild Wars 2 Game Designer Izzy Cartwright, Part 1



Q&A with Guild Wars 2 Game Designer Izzy Cartwright, Part 2




So far I saved the names Killeen of the Nite, Crusader Doomforge, and Kranxx of Vigil. Most of the characters names were already taken :( Trying to get one for each race lol

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I'm Mr. T and I'm a Night Elf Human MoHawk (I think its a sign for Mr. T to switch to GW2 :D)


New Dye System in GW2 (gotta love customizations :D)


Roughly 254 colors (and more). No more mixing, and no more dye bottles. You unlock the dyes and they are usable across all characters in that account.

Colors will be sorted by several categorizes for organization. Every armor piece now has 3 dye-able areas.

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