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The New 12


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U200 underneath has an entire row of cooling vents



Under the keyboard with 8 detailed status indicators, other functions must be used with the Fn+key combinations

This glossy area differs with the black body



Keys are 17.5mm in size and eliminates the soft keyboard from the X-Slim series




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The latest Windows 7 operating system installed

Hardware information shown in Device Manager



PC Wizard 2008 hardware information



CPU/Overall system performance

CPUMARK99 => 201

Super PI 1M => 35.537s



Nuclearus Multi Core

Fritz Chess Benchmark



Geekbench => 785



CrystalMark 2004R3 => 34787




1 CPU=> 1483



Windows7 system performance



SU3500 is the single core version with 3MB cache and is up to task for daily computing needs, even plays back 1080p video without stuttering.

U200 hardware runs smoothly under Windows 7 and is not sluggish even with multiple applications open.

CULV products offer sufficient performance for users who do not need heavy 3D graphics or video conversion applications.

For demanding applications such as video conversion or multimedia playback,

notebooks equipped with standard dual core CPUs will be more appropriate.

However, the weight of the notebook will be increased substantially.


HDD performance

WD320BEVT 5400RPM 320GB





WD320BEVT offers maximum transfer speed of 62~65 MB/s and average reads of 52 MB/s;

it offers medium to high performances among 5400RPM hard drives.

Even though the hard drive used by U200 is not the fastest in read speeds among 2.5

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U200 comes with 2GBX1 DDR2 800

Sandra Memory Bandwidth - 4190 MB/s

EVEREST Memory Read - 5457 MB/s



The Intel GS45 chipset officially supports up to DRAM 4GB, but actual testing shows that with CORSAIR DDR2 800 4GBX2 and Windows 7 version





The screenshot shows that DDR2 capacity up to 8GB is supported, and there will not be problems with future upgrades.

However, the only disappointing thing is that the U200 with 4GBX2 installed can only run at DDR665 speeds.


Battery life

6Cell battery: 3:56:16

Battery Eater Pro (wireless and Bluetooth disabled)



Battery Eater Pro tested with the CPU running full speed and 3D performance, and therefore the results will be shorter

On video playback, the U200 can last approximately 5:00~5:10

Official specification of 6 hours 30 minutes battery life should be achievable under idle conditions.




MSI Wind12 U200 summary


1. U200 is more compact than the standard 12.1

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Looks like a pretty nice laptop, 12" looks like the perfect size and CULV's are so much better than Atom :)


How's the keyboard? I've read a few reviews on MSI notebooks that complained about the soft, flexing keyboard.

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