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    What is your 2010 gaming resolution?

    Finally get COD4 Pwn noobs in Counter-Strike Get all the achievements in TF2 1280x1024
  2. Deman Risu

    The History of Valve

  3. Deman Risu

    Before i make the jump to win7

    Also, those other games are BIG, I have some games off Steam (TF2, HL2, Ep1+Ep2, Counter-Strike, Garry's Mod) and the Steam folder goes to 21 GB. Maybe you should consider spending $50 on a 500GB hard drive?
  4. Deman Risu

    I've gotta rescue datas but laptop not opening

    ... and if there is a hardware issue, tear the hard drive out and put it into another computer or an enclosure.
  5. Deman Risu

    I can't overclock my RAM

    What happens is that Windows loads normally and I get annoyed about not being able to overclock my RAM.
  6. Deman Risu

    I can't overclock my RAM

    Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P. I don't know about the other settings :/
  7. Deman Risu

    Is 12,399 3DMarks good?

    also, that forest rendering scene was freaking awesome.
  8. Deman Risu

    Is 12,399 3DMarks good?

    I downloaded 3dMark06 today, and I just ran the benchmark. I've got a 585w PSU, ASUS 9800 GT, 4 GB Corsair RAM, and a Phenom II X2 550 overclocked to 3.4Ghz. Is that a good score? I've included the 3dr file for analysis. edit:wait, I'm not allowed. I'll find somewhere to put it online. edit2: http://www.mediafire.com/?htnxz11mn1w
  9. Deman Risu

    Gigabyte motherboard

    I heard that the Core Contact Freezer is great.
  10. In my BIOS I can only put it up to the stock frequency: 1600MHz. I've read that these RAM modules can be OC'ed to 2000MHz, how do I do that? And what are CAS Latencies - if they are wrong in the BIOS, should I change them?
  11. Deman Risu

    windows 7 does not detect my overclock

    My Phenom II 550 still shows at 3.1GHz even though it's at 3.4GHz. Don't worry about it. CPUz and Speccy show it as 3415MHz
  12. Deman Risu

    The New 12

    For what it's worth, they're not all cats - one is a duck, and another is a penguin (I didn't go through the entire post)
  13. Deman Risu

    Laptop performance

    are you sure she doesn't play COD4 when you're not watching? Seriously, my netbook ran an Intel GMA950, and they flew. Her laptop has an ATI 4100, and that shouldn't be giving her any problems. Is she running anything like WindowBlinds, etc.? It also says that it has the WildTangent software pre-loaded - some of the games from there are pretty graphics intensive... You can't fix that.
  14. Deman Risu

    USB memory stick running Linux

    Chrome OS is only for web browsing, and if you don't have internet access you're basically screwed; with no access to Google Docs, etc. I'd recommend getting the Ubuntu installer, writing it to the USB drive with unetbootin, and using it Live from there.
  15. Deman Risu

    Anyone tried Moblin yet?

    Maybe he was thinking of Jolicloud...