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    Narrow bezel on a metallic chassis

    MSI True Color This feature is also available on the Gaming series and is mainly used to adjust screen colors. I feel that the accuracy of screen colors may be more important for business purposes. True Color provides six modes which can each be slightly adjusted. Users with high requirements for drawing and image processing, can not only save their money on a color-calibration device but also utilize more functions. The PS42 supports Nahimic 3 technology and also offers MSI's own audio software interface. Although many thin laptops are weak in terms of audio and related software, MSI employs its expertise in gaming, extrapolating great sound to the PS42. The following describes my personal listening experience and is subjective. I compared the PS42 to the Ultrabook. When the speaker is turned up to 60%, the volume is somewhat above-average. When it is turned up to 100%, the volume is decently loud. High frequencies
  2. In recent years, MSI has established a strong reputation for its industry-leading gaming notebooks and also offers a robust Workstation series for professionals. With the recent exhibiting of the PS42 at Computex 2018 in Taipei, MSI now sets its sights on providing premium laptops for those who prioritize portability without a sacrifice in performance. At just over a kilogram with a chic metal chassis as well as a gorgeous narrow bezel design, let
  3. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
  4. PCMARK10 => 5103 Storage designed with dual M.2 PCIe Gen.3 SSD slot, and 1 slot supported M.2 SATA interface. This GS65 8RF used 2 SAMSUNG MZVLB512HAJQ with RAID0. CrystalDiskMark Seq Read - 3501.5 MB/s?Write - 3256.0 MB/s AS SSD Benchmark - 3426 Seq Read - 2908.68 MB/s?Write - 2960.23 MB/s 4K - 64Thrd Read - 1061.38 MB/s?Write - 967.93 MB/s This SSD should be PM981 512GB, above are the performance with RAID0. But the chipset support up to PCI-e Gen3 x4 bandwidth limitation, not like SATA3 RAID to double the performance. So the Max. performance is up to 3500+ MB/s around, plus the storage of 4k test will be lower because the notebook power saving technology is not able to manual disable. But if we consider in the notebook field, PM981 of RAID0 already the highest speed level of M.2 performance. Embedded with 2 kinds of GPU, one is Intel Core i7-8750H of built-in HD630 graphics. The 2nd one is nVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 with 8GB GDDR5 VRAM of Max-Q versions. Below numbers all based on GTX 1070 Max-Q tests, same software with 2 types of preset and score Up: Shift Sport + Fan Speed Auto Down: Shift Turbo + Fan Speed Cooler Boost 3DMARK 11 => 16105 3D MARK 11 => 17297, improved 7.4% after overclocked. 3DMARK Fire Strike => 12785 3D MARK Fire Strike => 14067, improved 10% after overclocked. UNIGINE 2 1080P MEDIUM => 10171 Compared GTX1060 => 7902, GTX1070 => 13537 UNIGINE 2 1080P MEDIUM => 11217, improved 10% after overclocked. Assassin's Creed Syndicate 1920 x 1080?GRAPHIC preset ULTRA HIGH In Beginning Theme - 49 FPS Previous test with GTX 1060 was 37 FPS?GTX 1070 was 59 FPS The same game theme
  5. D side has bigger difference, besides of larger surface of holes for airflow, the based robber came with bigger size and taller, that helps more for airflow to reduce the heat more effectively. Built-in 4-Cell battery with 82Whr, larger than GS63 as well. Application is also a very important point that could enhance user experience for convenience, the Dragon Center is MSI own design APP, 2.0 version with brand new interface and enhanced a lot on the features. The UI showed it
  6. More and more mobile devices become narrow bezel or frameless design to get higher competitive capability. As the Ultrabook or mobile phone in recent years, becomes slimmer and lighter is the most important trend. Thought about the design on Gaming Notebooks, since the design needs more high performance hardware and cooling solution, if the technology, ID and material is keep improving, maybe the frame and size could become thinner and lighter year by year. Evantually there are 3 of 15.6
  7. After activating Cooler Boost 5, the idle is now at 37 degree C and full load at 70 degree C. With 2-degrees difference at idle and 8-degrees difference at full load, are pretty impressive results. The Cooler Boost 5 cooling module of the GE63VR does a pretty good job with GPU cooling, and keeps the GTX 1070 under 80 degrees even at full load, without activating Cooler Boost 5. The i7-7700HQ CPU comes in default at 2.8~3.8GHz, with power mode set at Balance. When running full load with LinX 0.6.5
  8. CINEBENCH R15 CPU => 731 cb CPU (Single Core) => 159 cb The GE63VR features Intel Core i7-7700HQ, with 4C8T. The main difference from the previous gen (Core i-6700HQ) is the frequency, 2.8~3.8GHz vs 2.6~3.5GHz. I
  9. MSI has also improved a lot on their exclusive software over the past two years. Almost every features comes with its own software that allows for finer tweaks, especially for the gaming features, like audio, keyboard, display, etc. This is also where most of the other brands that I
  10. Over the recent years, MSI has been focusing on the high level and mid-range gaming marketing with 3 main series: The finest is the GT series that pursues maximum performance; the 2nd is the GS series with its slim & light but good performance; the 3rd is the GE series in the middle ground, lighter than GT but faster than GS. Recently the GE series just received a makeover, with improvements in aesthetics, design, and quality. This article will focus on testing and analyzing the latest 15.6
  11. windwithme

    Max-Q GTX 1070 in ultra slim chassis

    Behind the GS63VR could find the dual ventilator and
  12. Starting from 2011, MSI had been serious about the gaming market and studied the field for years. As long as it
  13. Nahimic 2 Audio Software in recent years has been implemented to all high end MSI gaming notebooks. Settings and customizations have been refined as well; for example, HD Audio Recoder on top right already has a second generation interface When talking about the sound speakers produce, it is often subjective to each individual, which is why we
  14. Left body IO From left, anti-theft lock \ USB 2.0 \ Line-in \ Line-out \ Mic-in \ Headphone-out Right body IO From left, SD(XC/HC)card reader \ 3 x USB 3.0 Rear IO From left, RJ45 Ethernet Port \ Thunderbolt 3 including USB 3.1 \ HDMI \ Mini- Display Port \ Power Jack Both left and right sides consist of large heat-dissipating surfaces GT62VR D side resembles GT72S, applying a sleek red chassis with large surface area. Battery is 8-Cell generating 75.24wHr, but is not detachable The small protruding red square is the woofer And the 5 rubber feet on the bottom helps elevate the notebook by a bit, assisting in heat-dissipation and stability MSI Applications DRAGON CENTER is a proprietary software developed by MSI Latest updates improved interface resolution, also giving a more refined and intuitive layout App Portal tab shows installed software and apps, helps easier access to different features System Monitor displays current hardware status The entire layout is more intuitive and informative compared to the older versions System Tuner Allows users to tweak settings for VR, hardware performance, fan speed, or adjust screen colors. On the left are 5 profiles where you can personalize each one to use in different settings Later we