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  1. I've been playing with these Mushkin Redline's and they're really nice 1980 MHz - 8-9-9-24 and I'm not quite done yet!
  2. That was awesome! Too bad Apple (or Steve) can't take a joke... I don't think she should have apologized anyway. An individual shouldn't be sorry for making a joke on a company, it happens every day...
  3. Don't get so defensive! <_< On a side note, I'm stuck on a 1Mbps DSL connection which costs $34/month. Yay
  4. I wouldn't really miss these Flash ads... Yes, HTML5 is the future, but the future is, well, not now. To those who think Flash is obsolete and HTML5 is ready for prime time: The combination of CSS and JavaScript (especially with frameworks like jQuery) is very powerful, but Flash also has its advantages -- it's all about choosing the right tools for the right project. Farmville in cross platform CSS/JS? Not going to happen in the near future. Also, turning it into a platform specific native app doesn't replace Flash...
  5. HP actually the worst return rate of the industry last I checked... and ASUS had the best, but also a lot less volume. Anyway, I'd go for an ASUS or a Dell Vostro :D :D :D
  6. Looks very doable with that setup I can hit about 225-230 MHz base clock on that board with ~1.27V Uncore 4 GHz on a 750 should be around 1.35-1.4V Core And that's pretty much it! IIRC the board can run by default on the max Turbo multiplier as well
  7. High wattage PSU's that don't have reviews are generally to be avoided. Ask yourself, why wouldn't they send review samples
  8. The X58A-UD3R is a solid board, overclocks well, etc
  9. The main rig (i5-750) runs at stock settings!
  10. Of course haha Against all odds, Montreal won last night, which is amazing
  11. I like CM cases I have come across so far -- ATCS 840, 690 II Advanced and HAF are all nice!
  12. I'm pretty sure the 1950 is faster, like comparable to NVIDIA's 7800/7900
  13. Yeah, these chips can handle the heat, it's voltage you have to worry about! It happened to me a few times to fire up Prime95 without checking temps only to come back a while after and go "oh crap, this thing has been running at 95C". The cpu still lives strong I never exceed 1.35V for long term use though
  14. At maximum speed, yes. There's a reason TT added some VR knobs to those fans
  15. You can tweak Turbo at will within OverDrive, it's nice that ASUS added it in the BIOS
  16. Since you destroyed the XP partition, I'm pretty sure you're screwed. The idea is to install XP first and then Vista/7. If you go with Vista/7 first (which I have never done) you have to go through a few hoops to make it work. Check this out Next time, leave out the panic part and do some research
  17. The Noctua D14 is about as good as it gets for air cooling
  18. Yeah for someone that has access to MicroCenter the 930 is an amazing deal
  19. I don't think it's a necessary comparison... In parallel and intensive apps, the 980X is faster at stock than a 4 GHz 1090T! Anyway, like Smith said, we all know Intel is faster clock for clock and core for core. If you really want to compare then, it should be done by price range and that means i5-750 vs 1055T and i7-860 vs 1090T (the 930 will cost quite a bit more once you add triple channel memory + X58)
  20. It's cool that you try this, but I have my doubts honestly. Moving low voltage data at 5 GT/s on a homemade PCB sounds a tad unrealistic to me, but you never know! Let us know how it turns out
  21. Ahhh, it's clearer now When you increase the BCLK, every other clock follows because they're all tied to the BLCK. Fortunately, the FSB strap issue is now gone because the memory controller is integrated on the core. Basically, yes, pick a convenient BCLK (133, 160 and 200 are good, but it mainly depends on your memory) and adjust your multipliers. Extreme editions are nice to work with since they're so flexible
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