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[WTS] former folding rig components


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for sale,

1 asus p5kc mobo

1 q6600 go stepping cpu

1sunbeam core contact 120 hs/f

2, 1gig corsair ddr2 800 [email protected] 12

$ 350.00 shipped to us/canada



also selling

1 msi 3870x2

6 months old lightly used

$ 150.00 shipped us/canada


also included: whatever cables, drivers, connectors etc. i have left


prices are firm...

paypal, money order, cash

pm me if interested

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ok well that didn't go over very well so lets try this

1 asus p5kc mobo, $125.00

1 q6600 go stepping cpu, $125.00

1 sunbeam core contact 120 hs/f, $25.00

2, 1gig corsair ddr2 800 [email protected] 12, $15.00 each

1 msi 3870x2, $125.00

'all items are shown in the above post" pm me if you're interested....

buyer pays for shipping and all items are fully functional and in proper working order




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have a history of the q6600? was it OC'd? if so, for how long at what settings? thnks.

this cpu has spent the majority of it's life running 3200mhz with vcore of 1.6....it has been very happy and stable there...

to tell the truth this cpu hasn't liked to go much over 3.2mhz in my care so i have been content to let that be though i have tried to get it go faster for short periods of time (a few minutes)...

i bought it approximately a little over a year ago, last june i believe, it was my first quad core....umm it has done duty as a folder cpu since last december-january and has been just fine for that but i have a new build nowso it has become redundant...

hope that helps some...

thanx for the interest :D



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