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Best 80$ keyboard mouse headset set up?


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If your not going into wireless, I would recommend the Logitech G5 V2 mouse. It's really nice. It's basically a Logitech Mx518, but with improvements. It has a nice textured grip coating, rather than the smooth plastic feel of the Mx518. You can get 9 programmable buttons excluding left/right click, 2 extra from the fact that the scroll wheel can turn left or right. If your playing a RPG, it's pretty useful. Hotkeys are always faster than clicking things. I use my extra buttons for CSS on a Warcraft mod. Since it has extra bind able stuff like shopmenu, changerace, and etc. I also use it with my demo recording script (works on all source engine games, you change the hotkeys in a text editor to whatever you like).


You can get them for about $40 shipped on eBay (new I believe). So that's basically half your budget.


If you play a lot of RPGs then maybe a Logitech G15 keyboard. You can get those for $40=old version and $43=new version BIN at eBay as well, but that's the lowest I ever seen them (newest version is a refurb $43). So if you really want one, now is the time.

My current keyboard is a Saitek Eclipse II and its a nice quiet keyboard, but it's selling point for me was the backlit keys. Which kinda suck in person than in pictures. They barely lit up the keyboard. and the paint on the D, S, M, N, and shift keys are wearing off. I wouldn't recommend this keyboard. Blue is the worst, then Red is a tad bit better, and finally purple is the best of them all but still not bright enough.

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