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    Phenom 9600 Black Edition
    4 gig ddr2 800
    640 gig
    asus mobo
    Xigmatek heatsink, the good one HDT-S123
    Raedon 4830

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    I am an avid gamer that just go into PC gaming after years of console tyranny. I also am a drummer with 5 years experience.


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  1. This is probably a really easy question to answer but... I am borrowing my dad's laptop at his place where there is secured wifi but he is automatically connected and doesn't know the password. How could i get the password from his computer to use on my netbook? anyone know how to do this?
  2. Great idea, good way to remember him.
  3. Hurrah! congrats the to system winner!
  4. :wub: :wub: Welcome! Be Awesome or Be Andrew!
  5. Too Long. Did not read Just Kidding Most Particles that can kill us, kill us in ways we cant infulence
  6. Will the winners who fanned on facebook be messaged?
  7. They are very reliable boards and come with premiums features like auto overclockers and lcd readouts. As you can see with ccokeman, they are very good overclockers
  8. what the freaking janis joplin?
  9. holy.......... thanks for telling us. Rest in peace and my thoughts go out to his family
  10. Certainly will enter. Love contests that don't require you to do much. Don't we all?
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