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    Stupid Question...

    This is probably a really easy question to answer but... I am borrowing my dad's laptop at his place where there is secured wifi but he is automatically connected and doesn't know the password. How could i get the password from his computer to use on my netbook? anyone know how to do this?
  2. d0w0rk24

    Stupid Question...

    into what?
  3. d0w0rk24

    Remembering Verran Contest

    Great idea, good way to remember him.
  4. d0w0rk24

    Contest Coming Up

    seems to be awesome
  5. d0w0rk24

    2009 OCC Christmas Contest

    Hurrah! congrats the to system winner!
  6. d0w0rk24

    you Laugh, You Lose!

    Thats for raids smartypants
  7. d0w0rk24

    Hello there

    :wub: :wub: Welcome! Be Awesome or Be Andrew!
  8. d0w0rk24

    Dark Matter

    Too Long. Did not read Just Kidding Most Particles that can kill us, kill us in ways we cant infulence
  9. d0w0rk24

    2009 OCC Christmas Contest

    Will the winners who fanned on facebook be messaged?
  10. Do you have any games for the PS3?
  11. d0w0rk24

    Msi Eclipse any good?

    They are very reliable boards and come with premiums features like auto overclockers and lcd readouts. As you can see with ccokeman, they are very good overclockers
  12. d0w0rk24

    Modern Warfare 2 on NCIS

    what the freaking janis joplin?
  13. d0w0rk24

    RIP Verran

    holy.......... thanks for telling us. Rest in peace and my thoughts go out to his family
  14. d0w0rk24

    2009 OCC Christmas Contest

    Certainly will enter. Love contests that don't require you to do much. Don't we all?
  15. This is Insane! The cheapest DDR2 4 gig kit on Newegg is 73$! I was planning to up my memory to 8 gigs but this is just silly. I don't know about you but I recall earlier this year being able to get a DDR2 kit for 25 bucks. (really!) What made the prices go up almost 200%? (here is the link to prove it) http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....20(2%20x%202GB)
  16. d0w0rk24

    I can't believe this >:(

    Here in Washington we can welcome you with open arms. plus you can get a job at valve, microsoft, or nintendo.
  17. d0w0rk24

    Ctrl + V Game

    ... it would be a fruity loops beat but it doesnt really transfer that.
  18. d0w0rk24

    So who else is annoyed with L4D2 demo delay?

    God do all Left 4 Dead players whine about EVERYTHING? first they whine about OH THERE ISNT A ENOUGH . IN THE FIRST GAME! now they are all THE DEMO ISNT HERE WE SAVED 5$ AND WE DONT GET MORE THINGS!
  19. d0w0rk24

    AZZA Solano 1000R

    I have this case and I am really pleased with it. Only disadvantage is that if you want a bigger cpu cooler you will have to remove the side fan. Also no dust filters. Great case otherwise
  20. d0w0rk24

    Top 5 Physx card ?

    I wonder how good the G 220's would be a as a physx card? cough cough test performance cough cough
  21. d0w0rk24

    help with torrents

    There are programs to mount it on your comp without burning it to a disc if you want to
  22. d0w0rk24

    Need help OCing my 2nd rig!

    im so sorry that you have to live with a pentium. it must be very hard.