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New Gaming Computer Build, Need Advice


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Want to start playing games again and I have read a lot of forums and guides since this will be my first time building it on my own. But I do need help and tips if everything in the build works together, if there is something else you think I should buy.




Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6



Intel C2Q Q6600



Sapphire Radeon HD4870 512Mb (probably will buy another one in a year or so for Crossfire X)



Corsair TWINX DDR2 2X2Gb (800 Mhz)



A western digital 500 Gb 7200RPM (not so important to me)



Some Samsung burner... not that important eiter.



Samsung 19"


Power Supply:

How much power do I need? Is 500W enough or do I need like 600+? And do I need two PCI-E contacts to power two HD4870?



Some Coolmaster or Thermaltake



Something okay but cheap



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Looks like you chose well as far as I can tell. Couple things I would recommend would be an aftermarket cooler for the quad. A TRUE if you plan to OC, or a good small aftermarket cooler if you just plan to keep it at stock.


The psu I would recommend a 650w or higher quality psu. The 4870's take two 6-pin power connectors a piece, so you'll want one that has four, though one that has two will work because they come with converters from 4-pin molex to the 6-pin pci-e.

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Agreed. I would also suggest something I haven't seen mentioned since my DFI/DIY-Street days...the Tuniq Tower, still a quality HSF no doubt about it. :thumbs-up:


I would recommend this PSU as it's insanely cheap and is capable of powering your rig and both of the HD 4870's you plan to buy...


http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817139006 - Corsair 750W - $119 ($99 after $20 MIR)

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Okay, I will start with just buying and putting it together then I will decide if I need to OC. The CPU comes with a fan anyway right? So maybe I can start off with that one first and then decide what I want to do.


The 750W Corsair, I guess the 4xPCI-E 8pin might just as well be used as 6-pin?


Will see what that HDD costs here in Shanghai


Thanks for all the help!

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