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    Cooler Master 830 Stacker Evolution Case - Real Power Pro 1000w PSU - EVGA 780i Rev.A Motherboard - Intel E8400 @ 3.83Ghz - Tuniq 120 CPU Cooler - 8Gb G.Skill DDR2 800 @ 425Mhz - 2x MSI 8800GTS 512mb Video Cards in SLI
  1. Might not even be related, but for some reason when remote into my server @ home from my laptop it prefix's the Username for the machine with a reverse lookup of the external IP. And for it to let me log in I have to delete that and use just the username. Sounds like you are getting booted out before that even happens, but if there is a way to make sure it's not happening in the background somewhere it might be worth looking into it. But I would check what Nerm suggested first. Just something I noticed on my own remote desktop stuff. But i'm also going XP Pro to Server 03, so I think things are a little less complicated than in your setup.
  2. x2 Definately just get that Asus board, I'm about 90% positive that the stock board in that Dell won't take a 45nm cpu. And you won't have any options for overclocking in that bios, at least not anything worth the time. Dell bios are very dumbed down.
  3. Band: Behemoth From: Demigod Song: Myterium Coniunctionus (Hermanubis)
  4. lol to funny, I saw this in the latest forum topics when I first hit the site this morning and immediately thought of Clay.
  5. Have you tried running the vista startup repair tool? I can't remember for sure if it worked or not, but I believe I made that mistake once and I know I got it to see the xp partition again just can't remember if that's how I did it. I may have manually gone into to recovery console using the XP CD and rewrote the boot.ini file in there. But that may not work either i'm just throwing out ideas. And it may see two OS instances, so you may have to rewrite the boot.ini for both.
  6. It will be covered in the initial retail price of the chip i'm sure. I still haven't seen anything on estimated prices, so it's hard to say where this will fall in line. But if it's anything like the E8xxx series it may not be that bad, and the performance gain should be worth the $.
  7. Yah Damian is right on, I have a tuniq tower 120, not lapped, w/e8400 and a 780i motherboard. Been having trouble getting a stable 24/7 overclock over 4Ghz on air, but I haven't had a ton of time to really sit down and do it the way I should since I got the 4Ghz 24/7 stable. Best I could probably achieve would be a 4.2Ghz on air if I had the time to sit down and do it. But i'm happy with the 4ghz, TRUE was out of stock when I ordered the system in my sig and i'm impatient As ccokeman said in his review it does run pretty darn hot once you start pushing it over 4.0Ghz because of the voltage. So a lapped TRUE on air is a very good idea. Some day when i'm feeling ambitious I will take the time to lap the tuniq tower and see what I can get for temps. I did replace the stock tuniq fan with a scythe s-flex and that helped in lowering at least 4-5c.
  8. I'm @ a loss of ideas Speed, i'm not sure what is going on there. I'm @ work so I don't have to much time to think of what could be going on other than a strange O.S. issue. You could try a repair install if you have an XP CD, and perhaps that could solve your issue. With a repair install you wouldn't lose any programs or data and it may take care of that for you, though it may end up exactly the same. I'm grasping @ straws a bit now hehe. Or you could try a free prog like Defraggler or something from download.com and see if one of those utilities would be able to do a defrag for you and make take care of the chkdsk problem. I can't remember if that is something on the disk or if it's in the registry that it tells it to do that, if I think of anything i'll let you know man.
  9. Wow.. Newegg must have some plan for world domination lol. IIRC wasn't newegg originally founded by ABS?
  10. You can, though I don't know if it makes any difference in performance per say. I think by setting that it sets it to use only that type of GPU, so others won't get used even if there is one in say an AGP or PCI slot. By leaving that on auto it should basicaly detect what is the primary device, discrete just about always takes precedence over IGP's without you having to do anything, and use that. Not a setting I normally worry about when I build computers for myself or for customers. Though most of the boards I end up buying for myself do not have IGP's on them cause they are made for enthusiast or gaming and only have connections for discrete GPU's. And a lot of my cutomers are just the avg. type that are fine with an IGP because they don't really game and only surf and do email.
  11. Here you go, not the greatest though. I should go back in at some point here and get the wiring cleaned up some more... but i'm lazy. And @ the point of this picture I was well into my second six pack, and probably should not of been setting my drinks on top of the tower in retrospect LOL. Edit: Btw, that stacker has a bracket for four 120mm fans on the side panel as some of you know. So when the machines running you can't really see in it anyway cause of all the fans on the side. I was able to use three, the fourth I could not put in because the HSF is just tall enough for the top of it to fit into the space on the bracket that would be where the fourth fan would go.
  12. Can't say I disagree (in general.. i'm not even touching what Andrew said LMAO), that girl is pretty darn hot. Though for me it's nothing to do with the tape over her mouth, even though I do feel women talk faaar to much (no offense to any that might be here on the forums)... so it's not a bad idea... I'll have to remember that one lol.
  13. It might be a permissions error, in that case you would have to take ownership of the drive. Or add your profile on your machine to the permissions and give yourself full control. If you take ownership of the drive though, there is a good chance that your Bro won't have access to that partition once you put the HDD back in his computer. There is also a good chance that the partition table is corrupted, or a bad sector on the HDD is within that partition. My recommendation for a prog to fix hdd errors is spinrite, but if you can't get that there are free hdd diagnostic tools that you can get. The Data Lifeguard Tools for Windows by Western Digital is one such free program, or you could surf around download.com and see what else you can find.
  14. It does sound like what you need is sata drivers for your motherboard in order for the OS installation disc to see your hard drive. It is possibly that the nfore/nvidia drivers could be the right ones but there are many many different controllers out there. What I would recommend is going to the ASUS website, look up your model of motherboard and download the sata drivers from there. They could also be listed as raid drivers, they can be anything from nvidia, jmicron et cetera. It sounds like you dont' have the correct drivers, because if it acts like it's attempting to use them but then you still don't see the HDD they are most likely the wrong ones. From what I can see of the files you listed IDE/WindowsVista64/Sata_IDE file (With nvstor.inf,idecoi.dll,nvata.cat,nvide.nvu and nvstor64.sys) those are not files I recognize as being the type of sata/raid drivers that you need. There is usually a "textsetup.oem" file that is on the floppy disk with the other files. This is what actually tells the OS installation what to do with the files, if that's not there you will get an error or the drivers will just not load and it may not tell you anything in the setup. If you bought this system yourself, then the motherboard usually comes with a floppy disk or a utility to make the drivers on the driver cd that came with the motherboard. I do know that ASUS boards have EZflash for updating the bios now, but i'm not certain you can load sata/raid drivers from a thumb drive. Maybe in vista setup, but definatley not in XP setup. You will need to put the proper drivers on a floppy disk, as xp loads hit F6 and load the sata/raid drivers when you are prompted. As for Vista, I don't remember exactly how that works but I think there is just an icon (I haven't had to load any sata/raid drivers on any vista system builds i've done) or something that you click to accomplish the same goal. Hope this helps.
  15. FSB I go a bit higher than that, like 25 or 50mhz in my experience is ok. Just keep raising and booting into windows, once it won't boot go ahead and jump your vcore for your cpu a bit. When raising voltage I personally go with the smallest increment it will let me use. So I know i'm not over volting any more than I have to. As I said though, just cause it boots into windows doesn't mean that it is stable. You'll want to test for stability, and if it fails probably slightly up the voltage again and rerun the test for stability. Sometimes you'll have to raise voltage on memory also. All depends on if you have memory linked and using a 1:1 fsb:dram ratio which means the memory runs at the same fsb as the cpu. I really do suggest reading the guides here on the OCC forums, there are some more in depth explanations to things that I just don't have time to give ya right now where in i'm @ work.... as always
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