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Thermaltake Cases

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Has I was surfing around the net & I've depared with the new Thermaltake Cases. But the only web site that displays its their official site.

I havent seen any review at ALL, I searched @ google but nothing...

What I'd like to know is

is it really worth it? Wont I be buying their name? the case come with a lot of features:D, & I think the case its beautifull, but it doesn't has a PSU.. The guy @ my hardware store tell's me that it's around 125

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I'm new to the forum and OC, and case mods...but I just bought a Tt case for my 1500XP system. I mainly bought the Tt because it came with so many fans instead of buying them separate and installing them.


I love the case, it has a plexi side panel with two fans in it, a fan in the front pane, and two fans in the back panel. The front bay slide ins work great, two sping catches you install on the drive, and it locks it in.


Just my two cents...but I do like the Tt, even at $125 with no PSU!


BTW, how do you guys think I could go about running fiberoptics with a light wheel that would change color tone as the temp increases/decreased?

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