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  1. Get one of these fans!! I've seen two of theom today.. and IT'S BEAUTIFULL!!! oh.. and the neon is independent of the fan speed.. so if you have a nexus 201 (like me) the light will always be the same!! I like tem a lot!
  2. intel has the spark series.. all copper + a smart fan 2... DimensioN 50$??? v9 is only 25$/30$
  3. Oh my freakin GOD! THAT IS SO SO SWEET!!! is that a micro atx board? wheres the hard drive? does it work?!
  4. I'll have to disagree.. my father bought is home stereo in USA.. one day, he accidently switched the main switch to 110v.. The only thing that happened was that the clock was always wrong.. on minute in that clock was about 1m:30s Of course I live in Iurp.. And the functioning type of each electrical network is diferent.. so I think It wouldn't start.. but you can always pick up an old computer and give it the try.. at least is only one computer wasted!!
  5. I dont understand you question about grounding.. it's not your case that makes ground connection it's your Powa supply.. some times my pc case gives me static shocks, if it was painted in the inside that wouldnt be so often.. I guesss!!
  6. I advise you to follow this how-to Pc Workshop The results If you follow this how-to, then I'd like to see some pics
  7. sweet!!! :D how much is it going to cost? a bit more than a v9?
  8. Tt Web Site dunno if it is allready posted, if so, sorry Brand new vulcano 11, v7+ copper base, w/ smartfan2! sweet!! and a pci fan regulator! SWEET!! Hey linux when r u going to try this?
  9. how much is the company selling it? if the price + a transatlatic trip is good i'll god crap buy it! the really big prob here is the atlantic.. <_< <_
  10. if you buy it, you'll have lot's of ppl opening it asking: "hey! where do you keep the bud's?" sell it to vyroburn.. he will mod it cool!!
  11. plz post here your p4 temps.. w/ description of your cooling and processor speed thank you!
  12. freemason115.. if I were you with a very new p4 3.06 I'd get another wc system.. just in case..
  13. The water temperature inside de system tends to reach a certain value, and it will be kept like that in all components, with very few differences. So the order really doesnt matter much.. but hey, test it yourself, sometimes the best order is the one that you aren't expecting! good luck!
  14. thatx xweet (i'm xorry i've jxust arrivhed fhrom my dentixt) thank you for that ideia, i'm gonna do that in my older case. i was just kidding about the east coast..
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