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  1. Like i was reading about TCCD and some other type of ram chip that has come out recently and was looking for input on which manufacters have it. I personally don't like the ocz ram i have right now as it doesn't oc well and it has a lot of problems... I was hoping to replace it with something else...
  2. Hey all, its been a while since I was on the computer scene so please bare with me I want to upgrade the amount of ram I have in my system to 2gb but I'm not too sure what type/brand to get anymore. I plan to do some ocing but mainly I'm after stability. My system is listed below in my sig. If possible, I'd like to stay under $250 but I am willing to go more expensive if needed. I just got 2 gigs in my laptop and it has made a WORLD of difference!
  3. I got everything fixed up now I copied all the bootfiles over to the other hd and edited the boot.ini file and the hd booted up just perfect! Thanks everyone for your quick response!
  4. i tried the NTDETECT.COM copy over to the same drive but it didn't help I did that and the ntldr copy at the same time. Actually, I'm getting the feeling that it isn't the drive that's messing up either... I may be some other part of the computer. I tried running a format using Windows XP MCE last night and the installation would do one of two things: it would freeze at "installing components 34min left" or would get to the point where I have to change to cd 2 and then it would require me to keep swiching cd's like every 2 sec. Also, after I ran a format on one of the partitions, while it was installing the files to the drive, it kept giving me errors like a file couldn't be copied. I tried both cd drives but nothing helped. I'm going to see if I can get a win xp pro disk and try to fix my problem, but I don't know of that will help. Any ideas? edit: I think I fixed my windows installation problem, I think the cd-rom drive was overheating. The installation is running smooth now!
  5. A little tip about getting a hd, go to somewhere like slickdeals.net or fatwallet.com. You can get REALLY cheap hd's if you don't mind waiting for rebates!
  6. I did a fixboot but that didn't help any... I don't think its the mbr and I really don't want to play with that right now considering that I have vital files on that hd. I'm going to install windows on a different hd and then copy the files over from that hd to the one that I was using before. Do you think that will work? If not I can just use the new install of windows.
  7. I tried the connections and I tried copying the ntldr file from my windows cd with no avail. I also tried rewriting the boot.ini file through windows repair and it didn't fix the problem either . Any other suggestions?
  8. Ok, I just put in a new hd into my parents computer and put windows XP MCE onto it. I upgraded windows and installed all the drivers. All was working fine until I took out the sound card. Now when I try to boot, it says NTLDR is missing. Even putting the sound card back in I still get the same msg. I was wondering if there is any way to fix this without reformatting?
  9. I acutally updated the mobo drivers by using both the ones off of the msi site and going to nvidia and trying their drivers. Neither of them worked for me. As for going into control panel and looking at the hardware, it doesn't show anything wrong with the controllers. I have sp2 installed on here so I know its not an issue with that. I tried reformatting and reinstalling, but it didn't seem to help... any other suggestions?
  10. Gah, already beaten to the punchline I've got a question myself, I have a cheapo $10 temp sensor, and I was wondering where I could put the sensor if I didn't want to remove the heatsink. I used to have it on the bottomside of the heatsink, but this new one gives me problems when I try to remove it. Where would you recommend that I put it (note: my config is in my sig).
  11. Hey, its been a while guys. Basically, I finally had time to get my desktop up and running again and now I'm having problems with the usb. My system is in my sig. Simply put, any time I put something that's usb 2.0 into a usb port on the mobo or anywhere that supports usb 2, it says that the device could perform faster on a usb2 port and it also says I have no ports. I installed the msi mobo driver and also tried the offical nvidia drivers to no avail. I'm running Windows XP MCE 2005. Anyone have any suggestions?
  12. I thought about installing the sata drivers, but when I looked on my disk, it shows that its for sata raid, so I didn't install it... I will go download the new ones and give it a try though... tried the drivers and i still got the error . I'll try using just one stick and see what happens
  13. Ok, this is kinda strange... I ran memtest86 under dos and it ran with no errors what so ever, but when I ran the windows version of memtest, I got a ton of errors... The first run I was overclocked, so I reverted my clock to normal and still, no errors with memtest86 (dos) but when running memtest under windows, I got a ton of errors. Does this explain what's going on when I'm trying to install windows? Also, is there some way to fix this?
  14. I've been trying to install windows on my new 160gb sata hd; my config is stated below. Basically, I format the hd under windows install and everything goes up till that point, I reboot, and then when it goes to get to the point that it asks for the serial number, before it gets there it says its missing hal.dll. I've tried it with both Windows Media Center 2005 and with XP Pro and it gives the same error. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?
  15. My OC isn't that great, but I have my 3200+ clocked at 2.4ghz with idle temps at 35-37C and load temps from 41-43C; my ambient temp is around 28C. I'm using a thermal diode that's placed next to my proc and not the neo2 temp sensor so I know that my temps are accurate! Honestly, I preferred to go the quiet route and used a TT blue eye and its really quiet for the temps that I'm getting. I also have it hooked up to a adjustable fan speed header on my psu so the thing doesn't run at full speed unless my power load gets high. I'm not too sure what the actual temp would be if I had it hooked up straight to the main power, but I'm sure that my temps would drop some more. Get the XP-120, you won't be disappointed!
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