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  1. my had a different problem: all the lights came on, but none of the analog needles moved. The solders for the power and jacks connecting the boards are really pretty weak, you might want to crack it open and resolder all the pins where things come in. Just a thought. Be careful not to solder too much on, don't want to crosswire the power lines!
  2. a warning: I do not know intel boards, I do not know that brand either...but: When reassembling my Abit NF7-S, I didn't get the 12V AT header plugged in all the way...and it did very similary things- booted once, then blank screen, then didn't boot at all, some checking, wall plug, Surge protector, etc. After a half an hour of fiddling with wires, I found neither of the Mobo power plugs was seated very well. Make sure they are in, and flat, not pushed to the side, or at an angle. Just another thing to double check, but it is so simple you might have overlooked it, I did.
  3. the best cheapO solution I've seen is to use two staples bent straight. That is tough slow and aggravating. I got a pin extractor from Allied Electronics for $22 and I'm very glad I did. Even with the tool they can be a pain. Just my 2C.
  4. I have been really pleased with the cleaner-lots of people have talked about the acrylic tendency towards DustBunnies, but I see little problem so far, had it for a number of months now. That Novus cleaner will also do a really good job taking the UV paint off when you want to. The packaging says soap and water, but in my experience, the Novus cleaner does a much more complete job. Cables-good point, just didn't want you to be "crud, now I see the cables and I don't want to." Remember that you can see behind the motherboard too.
  5. they usually come with Cotton gloves for assembly, but they make it REALLY slick to hold onto the plastic, I would recommend you get some latex gloves before your order arrives, they will be sticky instead of slick. And you should also get some NOVUS cleaner-it helps prevent the dust clingy-static build-up too. Novus Cleaners
  6. I have the orange case, from SVC, but pretty much the same as the Xoxide model. A few things to save you some headache if possible-- 1-the 24" two device IDE cable is a lot longer than you will need, these cases are a bit shorter top to bottom than other towers. If you have two drives separated by a good distance, you would need the span, but you will almost certainly have a loop from the board to your first device. I do. 2-the 18" floppy cable, same thing, you will likely have a loop of extra that you will be trying to hide. 3-the clear UV paint-have a look at my first case, this is exactly what I did, clear logo, visible only when UV lights are on. Important note: paint in on the INSIDE of the window, the UV reactive plastic kind of "sucks up" all UV light, so a stencil on the outside wouldn't show up very well. for contrast, my first case showing the UV stenciling (here at OCC gallery) Suicide Hz-UV logo and my current case, in UV orange, showing the cable length issue (over at GruntVille) Version 1 Most Recent, version 3
  7. Kind of cheezy like some of the other suggestions- Jurassic Park, near the end: Just after the T-Rex/Raptor fight in the foyer, turn it waaaaaay up--if your system can handle the T-Rex Screaming at near full volume, that effect is full of highs, lows, mids, harmonics, etc...real good test of full range power. And the Raptor scenes have tons of directional clicks and chirps and stuff which is pretty cool if you timings are set right. My dogs always flip out when stuff like that comes from the back wall.
  8. if the Manufacturer doens't do anything for you just contact www.badflash.com. My MSI failed to post after a flash process gone wrong, and the boot-block trick wouldn't work either. I told Badflash what type of chip, sent them the link for my correct BIOS, and 3 days later I had a new BIOS chip with a updates version of my choosing. Popped in and Bingo! Saved board. I think it was $23 with shipping for a new, flashed chip.
  9. As yet unreleased Logitech 5.1 THX sytem running off my MSI AC97 sound. Don't worry, I would post pics, but Logitech hasn't shipped these yet. I don't want to step on any toes.
  10. Thx BigRed...and I don't think it <i>should</i> be a moral debate either, we are all entitled to our opinions. I figure the thread was put up to cover these things, and I was just vociing my thoughts. I certainly wouldnt' be out there working for the lawyers, if they <i>did</i> price things better, people would be less motivated to circument the expense. The greed involved is a point well taken, and they are not innocent either.
  11. No, I didn't copy things from the radio. And IMO selling them isn't the issue. People are obtaining things for free that deserve compensation. It should be up to the creator to determine price. Should Isaac Asimov expect his books to be freely distributed, just because you aren't selling it? What if you wrote a C+ program that revolutionized the gaming world? Would you want it freely distributed without your permission? I understand that if you own the CD, and you make yourself an MP3 to played on your computer, you have paid for it, and you deserve personal use in whatever way, on whatever device you wish. But making an MP3, and setting it up for access on a file sharing network is providing copies to other people. We all have our own opinions on this, but I wouldn't want my ideas stolen, musically or otherwise. I wouldn't want my patents violated, even if they were being distributed for free. I guess you would? As long as they aren't making a profit its okay?
  12. If you... wrote a book someone came into your computer and copied it distributed it to whoever wanted it you lost money you would be pissed right? If you... designed an original peice of hardware that served a new and profitable purpose someone copied your patent then gave it to everyone who wanted it you would be pissed right? If you... designed the newest CPU in your basement Intel got into your machine through your IP then copied it and just gave it away (I know, but this is an example) you would be pissed right? People own things, and people own ideas, and people deserve to benefit from their original creations. If any of you suddenly became famous for something, you would want to protect it. If copying music files should be okay, then I guess none of you would be pissed if I went and got parts, reviewed gallery photos, and "re-made" every little detail of your case mods, then posted the pics as my own, because I had made a copy of your case?
  13. I bought an aluminum version of what you are describing for my GF for like $50 with PSU, it was made by Raidmax, and it had the X window like the top pic and the faceplates like the bottom pic. Try searching at Xoxide for Raidmax case, or Directron, or FrozenCPU, etc.
  14. Dgephri

    Neverwinter Nights

    I have been playing NWN online quiet a bit for a while now...you really should get the expansion, it has Prestige classes like the Arcane Archer and Assassin. For servers, I really like Kelahar's seal on Current's Server...really good group of helpful guys, and LOTS of DMs. Kelahar's plot is coming to an end in about 2 weeks, but the same guys are getting ready to follow up with a Mod called Fireside that you should look for late September. They have 3-4 custom "sub-classes" for rangers, druids, rogues, and monks, plus lots of custom weapons to go find. Enemies range from Goblins, Gnolls, spiders, Worgs, Drow, DeathKnights, Balors, Pit Lords, Necromancers, Witches, etc. Really lots of fun even after a year for me (I have 6 20th level chars there). Kelahar's Seal is Server Vault only, so go out there and make up a character, but be careful, DMs don't want to waste time deleting your mistakes . If you show up in Kelahar's, look for Dgephri, Pointy Stick Shooter, QyreLess, or Grag. Cya.
  15. look carefully around the sides of the fan...there is usually a rotation arrow showing the fan spin, and a flow direction arrow, showing which side is "exhaust". I mix which placement is intake (the front lower fans), and exhaust (almost always out the back by the CPU. A blowhole fan (top of the case) is best exhausting since hot air rises to it.
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