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DFI socket 939 (DDR) motherboard for Folding Rig


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Thanks for looking. I’m putting together a new VMWare/Ubuntu/SMP or Linux/SMP folding rig. I would like to buy the following items used in good working condition.


AMD x2 Dual core socket 939.



This is like a back burner project and limited to funds. So links to the items and exact model numbers will be great. Please expect questions.


If you’re willing to deal with this please PM me with what you want for it including shipping. I live in Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 for shipping reference. I’ll reply and/or counter offer.



Thank you all for the replies. The follow was acquired.

1 x DFI socket 939 motherboard. I would prefer a DFI LP Ultra-D or LP SLI-D or DR.


A Gig of DDR RAM either 2x512 or 1GB modules. Something that will oc a bit say 210-220MHz to give me some room to oc.



My References:





Thank you for your time. :D

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Some Pics of the used WORKING board I PMed you about. I have SLI bridge cables book and disk.


If your going for a non-DFi, then this (or the A8N32) would be your best bet, keeps my 3700 @ 3.069

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