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Would love it , but after many failed attempts to register I give up , I'm sobbing now. I want to join.


don't know why you couldn't register but I made a user for you with password likewhoa, login and edit your profile as well as password. enjoy it.


UPDATE on OCIDB.COM as of 20080308


Short overview:

  1. Unsharp mask for thumbs -> crystal clear thumbs
  2. Private Message system
  3. Buddy list -> Users can make friends on your site -> quick access to friends last comments, last uploads, profile... album permissions can be set that only album owners and his buddies can view albums
  4. If you change a username then the names get changed now in comments and picinfo too
  5. Speeded up stats... galleries with a lot of pics, users can get a huge performance boost


overall gallery should be faster as I updated to the new stable core.

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