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  1. this thread does not belong here, it should be moved to "Other Operating Systems" under GNU/Linux.
  2. We need more cow bell!!! I mean we need to combine the OCDB results into some cool graphs for people to compare. that's all for now also somebody start a thread like the 3GHz club for AMD for the Intel forum just call it "Almost 4GHz!!11!one!!"
  3. congrats!!! and whatever . you and your wife create doesn't matter, what matter is that it's born healthy. Boy or Girl just worry if she's gonna have quadruple kids then you can forget about overclocking unless you turn them into machine builders then more voltage for you my friend. again congrats and be blessed.
  4. you can't turn a whore into a housewife fool.
  5. happy birthday doc, now I want that nurse I ordered and make her blonde and stupid.
  6. i wish you would have let everyone see who voted so we can all kick on the butt who ever voted on the last option so hard that his/her nipples will blow up. i voted "right of the bat" because I don't like to waste time but I also make sure memory passes memtest86plus before anything.
  7. just don't buy a dell laptop I would recommend an ASUS system from avadirect.com they have great prices and you can customize a system pretty well, also you can install the MAC OSX on it if you want MAC but buying a macbook pro would be a waste of $ since now you can install OSX on any x86 system I personally run an asus notebook which has been giving me nothing but great experiences also MAC laptops is for girls and girly-boys. j/k
  8. this stupid parrot making crazy sounds at 7:30am!!!!!!!! damm i need to _not_ sleep over girls houses with parrots.
  9. hey KingFisher welcome back to the street, did you bring back some free beer and fish and chips?
  10. it's all your fault ReelFiles we should just send you to mars with a cloned of britney spears.
  11. we have live girl dancers at the chat now! come free lap dances for the first 5 users, that's not all we are also offering a donkey show featuring britney spears and that donkey from sherk doing the nasty, must be 21 and over to buy drinks! limited admission, lesbians come in free, couples get free condoms and midgets pay half price.
  12. LOL it is not a joke which makes it even funnier if it really was one.
  13. almost has 777 post and when he does he should dance around naked on his roof because 777 is a lucky number or continue to make handwritten signatures.
  14. yea currently in EVGA step-up process as I couldn't wait anymore, lol
  15. You just use a Trojan instead of armor gear for sexual protection against all those hot girls. talk about a girl that likes a hard body
  16. All ideas that are going to be implemented, I want to focus on customer relations more than any other computer hardware company out there, from customer video testimonials, customer image gallery, benchmark contest which will feature the customer's logo and website on the frontpage plus prizes and discounts for repeated customers and reviews based on and recorded at customer facilities. We want to be a company that people can trust and expect quality hardware and support. There are so many customer relation ideas that I want to implement which will set the company apart from the rest, plus We will offer highly overclocked systems that are tested for stability using various benchmarks not just Prime95 and 3dMark.
  17. technodanvan the company will offer everything we all here play around with, from cpu,ram,gpu overclocking & volt mods to case mods and OS tweaks. I plan on documenting everything for the customers and provide video tutorials showing common task plus a FAQ and support forum, customer image gallery and more. I got ideas I'm currently writing down included a the ideas you are bringing to mind. BTW let me know when that rig is up and running so we can setup Linux on it. Also I am gonna offer embedded systems, media pcs for travel. Imagen a small box just about half the size of a cereal box with run Linux and has firefox,openoffice,gimp,media player and audacious for audio files and imagen synching all your media from your home PC that's 500miles away with the mp3s you downloaded from your car while driving to the city? or imagen playing a movie that's stored on your home linux fileserver straight to your car? Those are the kind of embedded machines I plan to offer on top of the 3d,gaming & casual user PCs. For the corporate companies I am going to offer secure file servers with 256bit full disk on encryption running Linux, 3d render machines, print servers, firewall gateway servers and WAP etc... The is a lot of things I plan on offering but most of those will be part of another site that will offer specialize systems. I like your ideas and if you looking to join my venture you're welcome to contribute, I plan on starting development of the site front-end in a couple of months. I still got a lot of other work in place but things are looking good. P.S did anybody notice the changes I made to ocidb.com? I added a buddy list and a private messaging system, plus updated the core software and should be faster at loading galleries.
  18. Thanks for your great feedback technodanvan good to see someone with an eye for business and good ideas, I look forward to some more feedback and have noted all your ideas and appreciated the time you took to write them all up. BTW have you setup your linux boxen yea? If not I'll be glad to do it for you, just google Compiz-Fusion and you'll see what to expect from my setup
  19. You don't need much capital just enough money to have a small inventory that you can build systems from, nothing major maybe 5 systems ready at all times atleast until you're selling atleast 10 a week. Highly customized hardware and software configurations with highly overclocked but stable components Actually this is the time to offer this as more and more users demand faster computers for all types of task. DELL didn't buyout Alienware for no reason. Both, but really I'm only interested in domain name ideas for now so if you got some ideas post them here, I'm now figuring out which friends I can recruit to provide a chain in their state so the product can branch out.
  20. No examples just my own builds, you can view my builds at ocidb.com and checkout my overclocks here. I still don't know what chassis to pick for my first seller and might just work with some of the modders to create a custom case or customize an existing case, but I do put together quality hardware and make sure it's 110% stable before I use it or sell to anybody.
  21. you mean S.M.A.R.T monitoring for customer's Hard Drives? that could work out pretty well, also the videos would be great, having customer testimonials with videos to show their machines at work would boosts quality assurance.
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