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The Overclockers IMAGE Database

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tired of slow loading image hosting sites?,.. well I'm giving away free access to a 100mbit server just for everyone at the street to upload their images with no limits on size or dimensions.


http://ocidb.com/register.php for registration page.

http://ocidb.com for the home page.


Enjoy it, and spread the word.


.: FAQ :.


  1. Is this service free?
    YES it's totally free and with no limits on what size images you send. supported images are: jpg,jpeg,png,gif,tiff,psd,bmp and more.
  2. Why doesn't the videos play for me?

    This could happen if you're media player does not have the require
    video codecs for playback. download xvid codecs which can be found online. just google "xvid windows codecs" or download direct from here
  3. What server is this hosted on?
    This server runs on Gentoo GNU/Linux running the latest bleeding edge
    software at your service. :)
  4. How can I make thumbnail links of my images?

    Well this question has been asked alot and here are the instructions for both IE and Firefox.

    Internet Explorer/Firefox Instructions

    1. Go to your Album, you will see this.
    right click the desired image to use as thumbnail and select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Image Location" if using firefox.. now use

    to link it as an image thumbnail.
    2. Click on the image in your album (large image) to view it's full screen window, now do the same as step 1 but this time you will use the url tag.


    click on the image to close the full screen window mode.
    3. Now just insert output from step1 inside the URL description of step 2 and you'll have a thumbnail image with url to a full screen.
    final code should look like this


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