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System Evaluation by fellow DFI-Street Members


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Hi all,


Well, I don't want to be lazy or rude or so but hopefully everyone can help who knows more about the NF4 platform than I do.


My current settings are in my sig. Hopefully you guys can give my system a bit of an evaluation.


My mem settings are as following:


Dram Frequency Set 200mhz

Command Per Clock Enable

Cas Latency Control 3

tRCD 4

tRAS 8 (based on TRAS=CAS+TRCD+2, but I put it to 11 to be sure), right now it's back to 8.

tRP 4

tRC 14 (based on TRC=TRAS+TRP)

tRFC 16 (bases on TRC + 2 or 3 or 4)

tRRD 3

tWR 3

tWTR 2

tRTW 3 (between 2-4)

tREF=3072 (3.9us=200mhz, not sure what this one should be set to)

Odd divisor correct disabled

Dram Bank Interleave enabled

DQS Skew Control Auto

DQS Skew Value 0

Dram Drive Strength Level 8

Dram Data Drive Strength Level 2

Max. Async Latency 8ns

Read Preamble Time 6ns

Idle Cycle Limit 64 cycles

Dynamic Counter disabled

R/W Queue Bypass 16x

Bypass Max 5x

32 Byte Granulation disabled.


FSB 295mhz (in 1:1 sync with mem, no divider used).

LDT/FSB Frequency ratio 3x

CPU/FSB Frequency ratio 9x

CPU startup vid 1,400v

CPU Vid control 1,400v

CPU Special vid control +109% (comes to 1,52-1,54v)

LDT Volt. control 1,40v

Chipset volt. control 1,65v

Dram volt. control 2,87v


I'm using merlin's 04-11-2006 bios. I'm very curious about the improvements you guys have for me. Any tips, tricks etc. are welcome.


Temps are as in my sig.


Thanks in advance.




PS! By the way, i think the forum looks great the way it does right now. Nice colours and cool picture headers. Great work admins!


PPS! If totally forgot to mention the most important fact! It was due to the help of my fellow dfi-street members that i got upto this point with my settings. You're all super!

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well i've learned that 3-4-4-8 puts lesser strain on the memcontroller of the cpu, and enables you to set the cpu clock higher with lesser volts. Most of the times when you set the cas latency to 2,5 you need more cpu volts to keep the same overclock, am i right?


I can't remember why i set the tras to 11 instead of 8, but i guess it was because of stability issues. And because of the formula in the defenitive a64 overclocking guide (chapter where memtimings are described. In there it states that tras is best at cas + trcd + 2. That makes 9 in my case). Hmmz. Well i think it was due to stability problems with tras at 8 or 9. But i can always try 8 or 9 again of course :-)

Okay, let me put tras back to 8 then. I'll run 10 passes of memtest test 5 first beforce coming back okay?



Edit: Okay TRAS is back on 8. Ran 10 passes of memtest test 5 without errors.

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probably because it looks good where it's at and from here it's all about how it feels to you...from reading this we really dont know how your rig is responding to what so you have to feel it out...but it looks good so far...


what is the IC's on the ram?

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Oh, I donno... do you really need that much volts for 2.655 ghz.?

You really have to tweak things yourself to find out what works.

Understand that there really just isn't any tricks tips or tweaks that could be considered "standard, works for all of us".

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Okay, thanks. For the learning process, what is the advantage of setting ds to 7 and odd divisor correct to enabled? By the way. I read in the forums that setting 123 errata to auto enables the fault protection on dual core cpu's. Can it be that this setting give a bit more stability?

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Okay i will try that. Thanks a lot for the info. I'll let you know the outcome of it.



Okay. I've set the mal to 9, the dram drive strength to level 7, trc to 7, trfc to 14, odd divisor correct to enable, set dynamic counter to enable, and set the read preamble to 7 (rp 5 wasn't working at all). I'm in windows, so let's see how this will work out. Thanks man. If there are any other things i can change to improve fsb speed or anything at all, they're welcome.

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Thats all I use to run my ddr400 at ddr600...pretty much golden to me...;)


I'd rather have it loose and run ddr600 then to have it tight and only get ddr500ish....;)


I get Alot higher bandwidth this way...

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