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New 7800 GSOC issues

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I have an older Lanparty MB that I finally got a newer Video card for, it is a BFG GEFORCE 7800 GSOC, when I turn the system on, the video card alarm has a continuos tone, machine fails to boot and power must be completely shut off via pulling the AC cord to shut the computer down. I tried the card in another machine using a biostar mb and it works fine. I have latest drivers from DFI installed what do I need to do to make this card work on my LANPARTY NFII ULTRA , I have winxp home with current service packs and all updates complete.

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Which slot are you using for your video card (PCI-E #1 or PCI-E #2)? You should have all the necessary power plugs connected to your computer just in case of power issues. I'm sorry i have to ask you this but did you connect the PCI-E power plug for your video card? hehe.

Not sure if that motherboard has two PCI-E slots or just one, but try the other one as well if available (might have to switch SLI/SINGLE jumpers) now that's if the motherboard has two PCI-E. If not disregard this....


Good Luck...

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1st I'm thinking it's a conflict, perhaps between you audio card maybe.

Normally this does'nt stop you from booting, normally I guess.

It'll stop you from booting windows though.

That is defently the 1st thing I'd try, along with clearing the dmi pool and such(reset the cmos with all other cards removed, that "aught" to doit).

In all other cards, meaning even drive controllers and everything, I mean everything that you don't need to see a bios screen, everything but the keyboard lol.


See if the new card boots like that.

It it did'nt, check the slot and contacts to ensure there's nothing in there or on the card's contacts.


Then my last thing I would do is stick in a pci card, and force that sucker to boot.

If it still would'nt boot, well I have another method but I don't think you'de not like the idea(don't bother asking me lol, it's a method I use to revive nvidia cards that lock themselves up from a bad strap).




When the board does'nt see any vga at all, it freaks 98% of the time, the other 2%, well it beeps(if I rememeber right), and then boots lol (yeah it's wierd, and rare, I mean hard to do).



Oh yeah, don't forget power :.

Maybe swapping psu's with the other test box may doit, who knows.

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