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cmos auto reset

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just today I tried a mild overclock... just 250FSB. I took a look at OCZ Tony's bios and mostly copied him, and used the ram options recommended for high fsb (except looser timings on a few to match what these sticks are rated for). All was running fine today. I even gamed on this computer for ~5 hours at least today (bf2 and css). All was fine until I cold booted after the computer had been off for a few hours... booted up and saw the DFI logo (i had previously disabled it)... the bios auto cleared the cmos without me doing anything. I went into the bios and immediately tried to change all the settings back to how I had it before when it was stable at 250. When I did this the board would not POST, I had to clear the cmos with the jumper. Now I'm running ok with all default bios settings. But why does it seem like the board cant handle 250FSB? or could this be the ram? I did memtest when i first got these sticks and they ran at 260FSB 1:1 no problem. One thing that I did notice is that the ram runs very HOT. Decreasing voltage has helped this a little bit, but they are rated for 2.8V, and at 2.7V(measured by board, not bios setting) they are BURNING (much much hotter than the cpu) Right now I have 2.65 set in the bios, and smart guardian reports 2.67. Earlier today on my stable overclock I had bios set to 2.61, smart guardian reported 2.65.

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