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  1. Have you tried using a floppy to install the ULi drivers BEFORE installing/formatting windows? I had a similar problem until I did this. Also, have you tried changing the slot that the drive is connected to? I found that slot1 (bottom) gives me problems while slot4 works great.
  2. also, your "problem" with the windows loading and going black for a second could be graphics drivers. My old comp with an x800 does that whenever Catalyst CC loads the first time. I personally hate the CCC, for my comp now I just use ATI drivers without catalyst. It works much better imo.
  3. when you're upping the fsb and you keep your ram on 1:1 it means that you're ram will also be overclocked that much, so 250 fsb, ram 1:1 means DDR500 When you turn up the fsb, theres a number of other things that you also need to do, like changing the drive strength etc (i can't remember off the top of my head everything) but check other threads for OCZ Tony's bios. You can't expect to just up the fsb and change nothing else. Also, this forum requires that u keep your system specs in your signature. Click UserCP now and put it there before u get banned for a week like what happened to me a month ago
  4. just today I tried a mild overclock... just 250FSB. I took a look at OCZ Tony's bios and mostly copied him, and used the ram options recommended for high fsb (except looser timings on a few to match what these sticks are rated for). All was running fine today. I even gamed on this computer for ~5 hours at least today (bf2 and css). All was fine until I cold booted after the computer had been off for a few hours... booted up and saw the DFI logo (i had previously disabled it)... the bios auto cleared the cmos without me doing anything. I went into the bios and immediately tried to change all the settings back to how I had it before when it was stable at 250. When I did this the board would not POST, I had to clear the cmos with the jumper. Now I'm running ok with all default bios settings. But why does it seem like the board cant handle 250FSB? or could this be the ram? I did memtest when i first got these sticks and they ran at 260FSB 1:1 no problem. One thing that I did notice is that the ram runs very HOT. Decreasing voltage has helped this a little bit, but they are rated for 2.8V, and at 2.7V(measured by board, not bios setting) they are BURNING (much much hotter than the cpu) Right now I have 2.65 set in the bios, and smart guardian reports 2.67. Earlier today on my stable overclock I had bios set to 2.61, smart guardian reported 2.65.
  5. I tried hooking up the samsung drive to the sil3114 or whatever, and it had much much worse problems. It would detect the hard drive but then the program would crash (hard freeze) as soon as I tried to do anything like check the current settings or start a read test. I also tried using the jumper to force SATA I mode, same result on the sil. I'm now wishing that I had gone with the familiar NF4 chipset...
  6. The problem is that using these bad slots to boot windows has already caused my windows install to get corrupted a few times and forced a reformat. Using slot4 right now (secondary slave) has had no errors at all, not even in the windows event viewer. I have updated to the newest beta bios. I have also tried raising all the voltages for the sb/nb etc. I am not overclocking at all, but what is very strange is that RAISING the sb voltage now makes smartguardian report much lower temps on the PWM IC. Still though, I can't find a fix to make my hard drive work in a master slot.
  7. hey, I might be shooting in the dark here, but I had similar problems with random restarts, which I eventually narrowed down to my SAMSUNG sata hard drive. I downloaded a hard drive checker utility from samsung, and found that it got erros whenever it was in a master SATA slot. Whenever it got to what appeared like a bad sector, the hard drive would lock up and stop responding. When in windows it always manifested itself as a hard lockup for about 5 seconds, no bsod, then restart. I found that moving the samsung to a slave slot on the motherboard (specifically slot 4, the top one) it really improved stability. However, I recently re-installed windows, this time using the FLOPPY disk to install the ULi drivers first. So far I have not seen any errors. So maybe try a re-install of windows using the floppy to install the ULi drivers. (or for now just try moving the slot your hd is plugged into). I know this seems strange... but just try it and see if it helps. Another thing you can try is make sure that in the windows device manager it lists everything properly, like listing the ULi in the SCSI/RAID tab.
  8. This is a very weird problem.... I downloaded a hard drive checking utility from samsung (my hard drive is a samsung) and I always get errors if I put the hard drive in a master slot (primary master or secondary master, aka slots 1 or 3) but if I put it in a slave slot (2 or 4), I get no errors at all. Here is what it says in a master slot: C: 11990 H:2 S:1 Error: Busy not clear C: 11990 H:2 S:1 Error: Busy not clear C: 11990 H:2 S:1 Error: Busy not clear C: 11990 H:2 S:1 Error: Busy not clear [repeating infinitely] (depending on the slot its in this error happens at a different sector in the hard drive). Also note, that if I use these bad slots to run windows, everything appears fine until it tries to read/write to one of these weird sectors, in which case it locks up for about 5 seconds and then reboots.
  9. ok nevermind that last post, changing the boot order fixed that.
  10. When I turn on the computer, it gets past POST, but then the cursor ( _ ) flashes for ever and it does not boot windows. This problem started right after I was trying to install Office 2003, but the computer crashed at 0% on the progress bar. Earlier I was having other problems (see my other thread )
  11. ok, I finished running samsung's hutil program, and it says my hard drive has no problems. So... now I guess its time to make sure my drivers are all correct. Are there any special 64-bit drivers that I might need? As far as I can tell, I seem to have all recent drivers. The only thing i can think of is that I didnt install any raid drivers from a floppy when I did the windows install, but I'm not using RAID anyway, just 1 hd.
  12. Another question I have is why would i get this? A parity error was detected on DeviceIdeIdePort1. I did some research online and it seemed to have to do with ATA hard drives... but my hard drive is SATA; I just have 2 dvd-drives on the IDE ports.
  13. I tried that program, but when I run it, it does not detect my hard drive as being made by Samsung, so it does not let me run it. EDIT: I tried the other program on that site, hutil, and it is running right now checking the hard drive (i'm on my alt comp now)
  14. the hard drive was brand new. And sorry about the bump, i just didnt see my thread on the list, but on second thought, maybe my browser just didnt refresh properly. (i'm a noob to forums)
  15. When I try to install Office 2003, the computer hangs before it even begins to install (on the screen where u select the options for what exactly ur ganna install). The cd-rom spins up really fast even though it should not even be looking at the cd at that time. The system event viewer shows the following (whenever I try this Office 2003 install): about 4-6 times will show this error: The driver detected a controller error on DeviceHarddisk1DR1. and about once or twice shows this: A parity error was detected on DeviceIdeIdePort1. I've tried updating the bios to 04/25/2006 and that didnt solve the problem. Also note that this is NOT the first time I have had issues with this comp (seems to be hard drive). On day 1, while formatting, it would crash before finishing the format. The only fix for this was to change my hard drive from being plugged into SATA slot1 to SATA slot4. When the hard drive is plugged into SATA slot1, I was getting random reboots. When in SATA slot4, it seems to sometimes get corrupted data (I had to reformat yesterday cuz tons of windows system files got corrupted when I tried to install WarCraft3) Plz someone tell me theres some motherboard drivers or something that will fix this. Also note that I have often run full windows disk checks and it never found any problems. EDIT: note that I'm using 64-bit Windows
  16. are you using a ram divider? the blue screens could be from ram errors if your ram is being clocked too high. You should probably use a 5/6 divider on your ram or something like that.
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