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  1. you should have no issues with khx3200 (bh) and the ultra-d. i experienced no issues with mine (unmatched refurbs) and the ultra-d.
  2. found an issue with coldboot and 4x512 (pc was off for a week and couldnt boot without taking out 2x512 sticks).
  3. pershoot

    cmos auto reset

    it happens at times. just notch close to where u can't boot and try diff settings. MAL/RP, HT DS strengths, LDT, etc.
  4. pershoot

    CXF3200 temp monitor tool

    done. been ok. doin a little bit of this and a lot of that, hehe. board is nice. very granular. some quirks, but thats too be expected. how u doin?
  5. pershoot

    The ULTIMATE MBM 5 Settings/Help Thread

    mbm5 works fine with dfi nf4/nf3 config file. just change DFI to ATI for fan speed name and NF4 with ATI for chipset temp name in MBM5.ini within DATA folder.
  6. pershoot

    CXF3200 temp monitor tool

    yup, mbm5 works fine with dfi nf4/nf3 config file. just change DFI to ATI for fan speed name and NF4 with ATI for chipset temp name in MBM5.ini within DATA folder.
  7. pershoot

    CFX3200-DR won't run past 270 FSB

    what are your HT drivestrengths (NMOS/PMOS/BUS Reciever Impedance), LDT Multi, MAL/RP set at? the board appears to have no issue with 350+ HTT.
  8. issue appears resolved. had to notch down HT drive strengths.
  9. reporting two bugs here. lockups while LAN 1 is consistently active for a period of time (approx. 1 to 2 days b4 lockup). while LAN 1 is idle, no lockups (tested with 3-4 days). when using LAN 2, can't restart the system. i'm observing the lockup situation now with this LAN adapter.
  10. Wanted: Opty 165/170, CCB1E Stepping Please do let me know if anyone is selling. Thx:)
  11. pershoot

    4 x 512MB?

    set your drivestrength up to 8, tREF: 4708, cpc: disable, bank interleave disable (for now), Divider: 200 (stock spd detect will set 166 when there is 4 dimm population) and see if that cures it. you boot, so the mismatched ram is being handled somewhat. im assuming both sticks are same CL SPD? (if they weren't, then you most likely wouldnt be able to boot).
  12. board is nice. some quirks, but thats to be expected. 4/25 final. 11x248 1:1 (cpu sux), [email protected], classic bh5+ch5, 2-3-2-6 (ch5 wont do trcd2 well). couldnt boot with unmatched CL SPD (tried utt bh (cl2.5) + classic bh). cl 1.5 with 2gig did not proves successful. cl 1.5 1T also did not prove succesful. drivestrength 9 worked well (and prevented lockups, no POST situations, etc. (1T bh drivestrength - 1 worked well), and ht bus reciever impedence to 10. running 4ldtx248 currently, but 5ldtx248 with ht bus recieiver impedence to 31 (tested with [email protected]) also was a success. yellow likes advance 150-300, orange likes delay 150-300. 1T yellow dimm overclocking with the bh did not prove successful. pwm is finally in check, as well as the chipset, in relation to temps, as oppose to the nf4-ut. rest of the timings are what we are used to from nf4, and work similarly when clocking. once i procure a dual core (i have a found a need for one now), ill report back. edit: ldt5x248, ht bus reciever impedance 31, np, w./ 2gig.
  13. pershoot

    FX60BTa-Bin being tested

    tony, pass it to me pls. as long as it is flash safe, i can test. i have pm'd u.
  14. doesn't happen for me on the bios. no issues with startup vid+vid+special, and any combination thereof. if that is happening, flash off the bios. it doesn't appear to be meshing with your particular system and components.