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Need help with Powerstream 520

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Hey there. I finally figure out the problem to my cpu temp is because of the incorrect voltage given out by psu to my mobo.

cpu is 1.33,

ldt bus is 1.9,

atx +5.0v is 5.02,

dram is 2.58,

atx +12v is 10.68,

nb +1.5v is 1.48,

atx +3.3v is 3.32,

vbat +3.0v is 3.1.


When I try to turn the +12v on the back of the psu to adjust to 12v, the atx +5.0v raise to 6.85v and so does the other ones too. The mobo temp then reads incorrectly in the negatives. Have anyone encountered or fix this problem yet. Thanks.

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Are you using a digital multimeter to measure your rails? The board senors might give you an idea, but to be sure you should get a voltmeter to adjust the rails...



Yep, digital mm is the only truly accurate method of checking the voltage on your psu rails.


Neither of your other rails should move on that psu when you're adjusting any one of the three pots.

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okay i went to my local radioshack and picked up a digital mm. my voltages were way off from mobo readings. i adjusted everything correctly but now cpu voltage is reading 1.5. i set 1.35v for cpu and 2.7 for rams in bios but it reads 1.5v for cpu and 2.9 for rams. is there a way to measure my cpu and rams accurately.

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