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  1. so i grabbed a couple 7900 gt co from a friend the other day for dirt cheap thinking it's be a huge increase over my x800gt02, installed them redid windows just to make sure i'd done all the steps since this is my first sli build. got all the drivers installed updated windows and all my software got all my benchmark programs running and went to town. with 1 7900gt i grabbed a 10190 of 3dmark05 with 2 cards i grabbed an 11880 of 3dmark05? something seems wrong here, i feel as if i'm cpu limted maybe, i also ran aq3d and only got 88k, not to mention i'm sure i've got the cards both oc'd to 604/850 with no vmods and stock coolers. i think something is seriously wrong here, can anybody help, system i'm referring to is in sig.
  2. thanx, actually the ics on the chip are not tccd, misinformed i was, as for the temps, i've tested many ways, and i'm almost sure it's correct. I've got a coolermaster hyper48 cooler i got a few years ago, it's solid copper, and the fan pumps plenty of air into it, i've also got a cool room for it, never over 65, as i'm typing this it's idling at 28 and if i put it at load i just saw it around 45. I'm gonna just up the fsb to 270 tonight, and see if i can crunch an 8 hour prime session out of it. thanx for your help everyone.
  3. Hey all, over the last 2 years since i've made the overly successful trip to DFI and hence to this forum i've learned a lot. Having said that, i've spend probably hundreds of hours trolling the forum reading up on everything that pertained to the hardware i have inside my box. One question that remains unanswered is if a computer will prime stable for over 2 days straight and the load temp never goes above 45c, is there a better then average chance that i have a little overclocking room in my cpu, maybe 2.7-2.75 area? my mem does 250 on stock timings which i like, and with my current setup and divider i still have at least another 15 or so mhz on the mem before it reaches max. So i'm just asking for a general answer, not yes or no, but is it possible. I'm giving it 1.66vcore and i'm on air, but i'm not sure a lil more voltage is safe, or if it'll even help? Thanx for reading guys
  4. well ". can hit the fan" in like a milliseconds time, if you're overclocking, it could've just went all of a sudden, spacial anomalies are normal, especially in uncontrolled real world environments like the inside of a computer. So test, that's the key to the whole thing, swap out parts, and test parts 1 by one to isolate the problem, if you try everything from new os installs, to new vid cards, different pcix slots 1 stick at a time mem, new mem, new psu, unplug unneeded peripherals, and it still doesn't work after all of this, swap cpu's last, and if it doesn't work after that, you're bored is prolly bad, that's how it works, dfi is not a crappy product, but it isn't an easy product either. You need to put time into it, and get it right, i've had my rig for almost a year now, and still i tweak it and make it as fast as possible, and if something goes wrong i do what everybody else does isolate the problems
  5. are you sure you don't have a bad ram stick, try it with one in, bench will be crap without dual channel, but it's worth a shot. also, are you shorting something out somewhere, could be something close to shorting and temps bring it to light, and on another note, you could have fried your cpu, it's a sad thing to say, but it does happen. Keep us posted, as for regular gaming does that work ok?
  6. I'm wondering what would be the best setup for games with the pagefile. No page file or a small one or whatnot. My drive set up is a raid 0 with 3 partitions, 10 gig for os, 100gig for apps, and 290gig for storage. I'm wondering how to best set up the pagefile. any ideas are welcome
  7. well here's the deal so far no luck on getting it to go insanely fast but i have gotten 260 at stock tiimings at 2.9v. I'm cool with that cause my cpu really only does 2.6, so yay for me.
  8. unfortunately i only have one lan port as i don't have the sli-dr or whatnot. i ahve an nf4-d, sad i know but it works. But as for the last hour or so i cleared the cmos for 10 minutes reinstalled the chipset and lan drivers and haven't had a problem so far so yay for me lol, thanx for your help
  9. i did not install that crap program i do not know what the deal is, i just tried swapping routers and wires, and i'm gonna see how that works, maybe it isnt' the computer.
  10. Ever since i've switched to this board my internet connection has been a bit screwy. About every 5 minutes i'll lose connection and then reconnect. If anybody ever had a friend sign on and off aim and you kept getting that notification on your screen you could just imagine how i feel. Everything disconnects and reconnects. It's a quick transition my mmorps, and cod2, battlefield 2 will not loose complete connection, they will but only for so short of a time you don't get booted. But when i play WoW i will lose control of my character while in the lagged or disconnected state. and then regain control a few seconds after it starts. This is particularly annoying as sometimes i end up either dead or not where i want to be lol. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all.
  11. So after a weekend of playing i've not gotten much further. The problem is that i can do 2.67 with my cpu stable, and i was hoping to get the memory up at a 1-1 ration. Can i push 3.0v on the mem. or what is the corsairs max safe voltage. I'm unsure of this.
  12. well here's the deal, i got to 250mhz with 2t and 2.9v at stock timings, went through about 10 #5 memtest passes. Does this stuff go faster. Or is this about it. I don't know anything about corsair memory i've never owned a stick of high performance mem in my life. so this is a big day for me. I'm running good right now at 2.5ghz cpu 250x10 and mem at 1-1 at stock timings 3338, it won't post past 257mhz mem
  13. So a friend took me to a computer show and we ended up getting this ram. Corsair xms 2x1gig sticks. It isn't the low latency kind, cl3 i believe. I put it in and it runs fine at stock speeds. But i want to go faster. I don't see anything on the forums about the cl3 1 gig sticks. I've got 2 in the orange slots. The serial i believe is cmx1024-3200pro. Anybody got any tips on where i should start
  14. I'm looking around the forums and not to my surprise nobody uses pny ddr2 533 ram. The dilemma is that i came across this matching pair as part of an addon to something i ordered. Promotion deal or whatnot. Now the question i have is, will it work. I got crap ram now, that doesn't go over 200mhz/ 400 dual. So is something like this viable. Could i pop it in and at least get a stock 533mhz out of it. it'd be way faster then the ram i currently have?
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