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    renters insurance isn't very expensive and if you get it through the same company that does your car insurance you usally get a discount.
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    Random rebooting issue.

    There is no master and slave with sata. Run prime 95 and try reinstalling your drivers and anti-virus as those are the most common software to cause this problem. Don't no if its been fixed but running zonealarm and avg can cause it to.
  3. I could check shipping with a address. I can ship from work so the cost shouldn't be to bad as I get a discount. As far as the leak it isn't very bad but it is under the outer frame so it would be a pain to fix. Cheaper to buy a new one unless you can do it yourself.
  4. I have a black ice stealth 240 you can have. It needs to be repaired as I used screws that were to long and now leaks. If you want it I will send it to you for the cost of shipping.
  5. Actually after a little investigation it is possible on the nforce chipset as long as you have the sata drivers installed which gives you the safely remove hardware icon.
  6. I think I read somewhere that xp dosen't support hot swapping but vista is supposed to. I would personaly shut it down just to be safe.
  7. racewayzx

    DDR memory in short supply

    wevsspot: Hopfully you have more luck than me but praz's timmings had me clearing cmos on my ultra-d. If they don't work here is a good starting point straight from muskin http://forums.mushkin.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=2837 Praz: I was wondering which slots are you running your readlines in? I haven't had time to play lately so I was wondering if you had better luck with the yellow or orange.
  8. racewayzx

    20% off at danger den coupon

    Use coupon code PAGLAN06 and you get appoximately 20% off. I decided to jump on the band wagon and go water cooling. I got: TDX block & D5 pump Stealth gts 240 rad 10 ft of tygon tubing DD filport & 10 clamps reg $196.52 I paid $157.26 Coupon is good till 12/31/06.
  9. racewayzx

    19" LCD Monitor

    I have the 940bw which is the widescreen version of that monitor and am very happy with it.
  10. Anyone looking to get rid of their venus soon I am looking to purchase one. PM me with what you want for it and I will get back to you. Heat is racewayzx jason in the process of buying one
  11. I'm in for $20. Since RG has an enginering sample already why not get the money together now so HG can get his asap. In the meantime we can finishing collecting donations for RG.
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    wtb: Anybody sick of their Venus yet?

    Forgot to update. I found one, and the guy accepted a resonable offer for it. Thanks anyways.
  13. racewayzx

    cpu-z 1.36 is out

    http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php * New processor information display. * Intel 5000X/P/Z/V SPD support. * Intel Pentium D 925 & 945. * AMD K8 family HyperTransport link speed.
  14. racewayzx

    wtb: Anybody sick of their Venus yet?

    I am looking for a venus motherboard. The processors are venice. I'm sure someone has one and is planning on going conroe soon.
  15. racewayzx

    SVC August Coupon Code Sale!

    http://www.petrastechshop.com/evvcvgcodnf4.html I know these guys ship international. They are fairly new but have excelent reseller rating. http://www.resellerratings.com/seller11322.html
  16. I have that panel on the side of my case And personaly love it. As far as temps go it helps keep everything nice and cool at stock clocks. The only problem I am having is keeping the pwmic cooled when overclooking. If your going for the best cooling possible I say start cutting holes and wait for some better 250mm fans to come out. And yes the thing is very quiet, Puts out about the same amount of noise at 7 and 12 volts.
  17. I have a TT Big Typhoon & a Zalman vf900-cu led for sale. I have had the big typhoon for about 4 months and the zalman for 2 months. I just recently got the bugs worked out of my watercooling and as its a shame to let these coolers sit here I am looking to sell them. I will take $35 shipped for each seperately or $60 shipped together.sold I accept non cc paypal and money order. heat is under racewayzx
  18. racewayzx

    64 bit burning software

    Nero 7 works fine. You just need to update it.
  19. racewayzx

    5 free days of Red Orcherstra

    found this over on hardocp. They are letting people play the full version for 5 days starting tomarrow the august 2nd. http://www.steampowered.com/index.php?area=news&id=711
  20. racewayzx

    Prime95 (32-bit & 64-bit) + Orthos (SP2004 for dual-core/HT)

    Much apreciated. Didn't know there was a dualcore version of sp2004.
  21. racewayzx

    The AMD 3GHz Club

    Not really. It's stable in everything but prime with less volts. The good thing is load is only 45 to 46 with those volts.
  22. racewayzx

    The AMD 3GHz Club

    I was more worried about happy:)
  23. racewayzx

    The AMD 3GHz Club

    I just post my OCDB entry here Let me know if I didn't do it right.